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Ahune. Rawr.Midsummer Festival is only a few days from drawing to a close, oh noes! Time to pop the alts aside for a short while and get stuck into the job of taking down that Ahune chappy.

Logging in as Anj I joined the LFG for a group to heroic Slave Pens and quickly found one. “We doing the whole instance or just Ahune?” quoth I, “Whole, since it’s the daily”. Ooh! *Gets quest*. So off we went. Now, with my brain all filled up with alt controls for the last few weeks, to say I was clunky to start off would be Understatement of the Year, but we marched on regardless. Boss one fell down, hey, hang on, isn’t Ahune… back there somewhere? Aah, we’ll be doing the instance and then coming back for Frostychops, yep, that’s what’s going to happen, don’t question it and for the love of Elune stay focussed on the task at hand.

After Quagmirran, the party started the quintessential “gr8 job” platitudes and started a portal back to Shattrath. ?!. So there you go. No Ahune for me, I should be less quiet during instances I think. All was not lost though, handing in the daily brought my Badges count up to forty-one and, hey, hang on, doesn’t that Bloodlust Brooch cost about that? Why, yes it does!

So, woo! No Ahune, but I don’t care. I’ll do him with Powdor and Ghem tonight or something. Bloodlust Brooch! Go me! /dance.

To further celebrate, I’ve dipped my purple toes into the waters of the Outfitter Trinket Queue to swap between the Brooch and Bladefist’s Breadth depending on whichever is available. That’s on probation but should work out. Extra critical strike for equipping the Breadth or extra ranged attack power for the Brooch is a tricky choice, so the cooldowns can be the sole arbiter of that decision.


Every Alliance fire has been saluted, every Horde fire has been stamped on, flames stolen from four cities… That’s the Festival in the bag for Anj. Throw in earnings of over 500g, a pretty Crown of the Fire Festival to go with the dress and a Brazier of Dancing Flames as a stylish booty-shakin’ companion. Now to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labour, the warmth of the fires and that gorgeous bunting that gets attached to almost every vertical surface.

Dancing flames!

Incidentally, taking the city flames if you’re a night elf hunter: All you’re going to need is Feign Death and Shadowmeld. Mount up and ride into the city as bold as you like. Miss! Dodge! Parry! Should you get dazed and dismounted, hit the FD, wait for the grunts to go back to their posts and come out of that straight into the ‘Meld until the cooldown is up and go again. I went very early in the morning and Orgrimmar was still expected to be problematic but the troubles never came. Turns out there was a big Horde raid going on in Ironforge at the time. That will have taken care of a bunch of players who, as we all know, are notoriously unfooled by amateur dramatics. More fool them, I say!

While we’re being honest, as for the “in the bag” statement, well… There’s still fires at Brill, Booty Bay and Area 52 to do, oh and the Frost Lord because I like having tabards even though the choice is cruel! Red or blue? Blue or red? … OMG! No time for dancin’!

Blizzard’s efforts to ease the one to sixty levelling stretch without making it ludicrously easy have been admirable, and the current Midsummer Fire Festival offers a great bonus opportunity to boost up a few levels. Just with regular questing the (level * 10) damage buffs, +3% critical strike and +10% XP gain help you kill mobs a little quicker and gets you more of a reward for doing it.

Also, touring the worlds honouring your own fires while extinguishing the opposing faction’s is surprisingly rewarding. Caitlin’s shifted up to level 60, she’s on a brief hiatus now to fill up that rest time ready for Hellfire Peninsula and beyond, while Winters is sitting pretty at 40, waiting for the chance to get into a dungeon and try out tanking. There’s no real XP to gain for Anj but fire-work around Outland and Eastern Kingdoms, starting in Blasted Lands and heading steadily North, netted a keen 225g plus more than enough Burning Blossoms to get her a beautiful new dress. The Lunar Festival Dress is all very well, but you can’t expect a girl to wind down outside of battle gear with only one alternative wardrobe option. That’s just being silly.

Wintersong saw something amazing:

Outside WoW: RIP George.

I’d just finished the Bride of the Embalmer quest with Girlpants, the first time I’ve done it and had a use for the shield reward (at least until level 34 when I can use my super-pretty, auction-bought, Alysha-enchanted Trickster’s Protector of Intellect), go away to cook some food, walk out of the Town Hall when I return and see this:

Hurray! Midsummer Festival! I loved this last year, not only because it was my first official WoW holiday (not counting Children’s Week). The decorations, the fires, the maypoles, the damage and XP buffs (yummers)… It’s just a beautiful festival, and with a very Glastonbury feel to it, since I’m not going there this year (boo!) I’m happy enough to have this instead. I’ll just cake myself with mud, maybe.

While we’re in a screenshot mood, here’s what happens when you get a little too big for your level 70 boots when soloing Zul’Farrak for cloth and stuff and entertain the idea of not pulling the crowd of mobs that spawn at the base of the pyramid in easy-to-manage chunks:

Oops. Sorry, Sergeant Bly.

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