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“Dear Greatfather Winter…”

Anj has been a good girl this year, totally, she’s worked very hard and been nice, helpful and generally Good To Have Around. Also given that Winter Veil, according to Smokywood Pastures, is about Wants not Needs, her wish list doesn’t look so bad since Wants don’t even get a look in. Pure need all the way, don’t even talk about Pass.

And so, with thanks to AtlasLoot and because similar information on Teh Interweb is so fragmented its annoying, here’s Anj’s Wishlist for gearing up for heroics and Naxxramas. Obviously it’s BM-specced so +hit is taken over +haste where possible.


Head: Headguard of Westrift (Eregos, Oculus).

Neck: Necklace of the Chrono-Lord (Chrono-Lord Epoch in The Culling of Stratholme).

Shoulders: Virulent Spaulders (leatherworking).

Back: Embrace of Sorrow (Maiden of Grief in Halls of Stone).

Chest: Razorstrike Breastplate (leatherworking).

Wrists: Eaglebane Bracers (leatherworking).

Hands: Tear-Linked Gauntlets (Svala Sorrowgrave in Utgarde Pinnacle).

Waist: Belt of Tasseled Lanterns (BoE drop in Gundrak, or around 50g at the AH).

Legs: Leather-Braced Chain Leggings (Loken in Halls of Lightning).

Feet: Dragonstompers (leatherworking).

If you don’t have access to leatherworking yourself, it’s worth befriending one since the items created have reasonably cheap-to-obtain mats and beat much of what is available pre-heroics. Leatherworking, it’s what’s for dinner. Anj says, “Thanks Winters!”. Winters replies, “Yeah yeah yeah, do you think I could, you know, make something for myself now?”.


Trophy Gatherer (Gortok Palehoof in Utgarde Pinnacle) is the best I’ve found so far as bows go, I’ve seen Nesingwary 4000 (engineering) equipped on more than a few hunters if unsubtle loud banging is your preferred way of fighting, costly mats though but that’s epic schematics for you. Crossbows… are pretty scanty as far as I can see.

Grab a couple of Fang of Truth from the Wyrmrest Accord quartermaster to boost the hit rating, you’ll need to be honoured but, let’s face it, you can do that pretty much on the quests alone.


Kurzel’s Rage is a quest reward from an adventure in Drak’tharon Keep, although you’ll need to do a brief Molotov Cocktail-chucking quest beforehand on behalf of Mack at Granite Springs in Grizzly Hills.

And that’s… pretty much all I’ve got so far. Plenty of trinkets have come and gone during the levelling phase, of which Automated Wepaon Coater has stayed along with Mighty Alchemist’s Stone.

Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood though. Ooooh. Drops in heroic Nexus. Shouldn’t be too far away now since with most of the items listed already equipped, she’s already pulling her weight in heroics enough to be competitive.

Hopefully this is useful to someone else though. Remember, lists are good. Mmm.

Have a great Winter Veil ev’ryone!



Well, it’s just amazing. That’s all.

This post has been restarted about three times and on each occasion threatened to run into several PageDowns listing the minutiae of every tiny point of awesome. Anj stepped of the boat in the Fjord and was almost immediately thrown into an ongoing siege of overdosed testosterone not entirely unlike a pub rioting after the news that Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts have gone acoustic. Winterstar’s Outland reputation preceded her on arrival in Borean Tundra and was graciously allowed to skip the recruitment queue and has since been hip-deep in bits of dead Scourge.

I think a little more time is needed before I can feel comfortable with casually mentioning the details of exactly why everything is so great, but here’s a few things:

Utgarde Keep is dirty and violent, The Nexus is floaty and ethereal (although this one is highest on my list to do again since the first time I was a little too tipsy to really notice the details), but Azjol-Nerub is by turns staggeringly beautiful and downright terrifying. For serious. Enjoy the jump-off though, wiping on the last boss has a silver lining.

Hunters will want to have a /hug ready when they visit their trainer at seventy-one. And that’s just level seventy-one! *giddy*!

There’s whisperings amongst the denizens of Sporeggar about a trip to Northrend to sort out, with violence if necessary, the issue of Just “Who Is The Cutest Faction Around Here Anyway?” with The Kalu’ak. Aaaw! Look at the bless ’ems with their plummy British accents! ^.^

The quest Flight of the Wintergarde Defender seems to have a reputation of being stupid and totally annoying but, for the record, I loved it. I recommend you look out for it and draw your own conclusions. It’s in Dragonblight, by the way.

Anj’s bow and Winters’ staff were replaced within three quests. Haste and armour penetration are becoming popular stats by the looks of it. The dirty, battle-hardened look of the gear as compared to the clean and shiny Outland stuff is shaping up very well indeed.

I think that should do it. Fow now. Happy hunting! :)

I’m not exactly sure of the month that I first created Wintersong so whether it is her birthday (or thereabouts) or not I couldn’t really say. The earliest post that mentions her was 16th January where she was skipping up to level 30 after a long period of inactivity so, who knows, it could well be. But I digress…

Anzu was respectably pwned on the second attempt and Swift Flight Form is in the bag. Yay! All in all, life has been good to Winters recently. I can only thank the person that, a few days ago, put Staff of Natural Fury on the auction house for 700g. Having seen it a few times before in the closer to the region of 1300g, it was either very charitable or amazingly misjudged on their part but, again, thanks all the same. You could hear the “YOINK!” from Booty Bay.

Finally getting to exalted with the Cenarion Expedition via a heroic Steamvaults run yesterday bagged the mean-looking Earthwarden, and the badges gained from that same run went towards a Ring of Unyielding Force. Then today, a pleasantly surprising drop of Tree-Mender’s Belt in the heroic Hellfire Ramparts replaced Manimal’s Cinch, bidding a fond adieu to the last of my green-quality tanking items.

Throw in the Midnight Legguards from more heroic adventures in Slave Pens, crafted Primalstrike Vest and Empty Mug of Direbrew from the Brewfest event boss, and her Cat Form wardrobe hasn’t done too badly either.

All that’s missing is the cake but, since Brewfest is on, booze will make an ideal substitute. Staggering around instances while smashed off her Bear Form face for the reduction of target level is not only fun but remarkably rewarding.

Inbetween doing a circus-standard, mad balancing act with defence, dodge and stamina for Winters’ tanking wardrobe recently I finally found the time and motivation to get Rebirth and Innervate bound to focus macros. Yep, I’m lazy. But here’s the thing, when testing the Rebirth out I was told I was lacking any Flintweed Seed. Flintweed Seed? WTH?! Turns out that from first getting the ability to level 70, I’ve only ever been using Rank 1.

/target self


The only thing that saves this from being the level of Ultimate Epic Fail is perhaps the fact that, as a tank, I’ve only had the cause to use the ability about five times my entire life. Definitely no more than ten, and most of them being outside instances “just because it was there and hardly ever got used”. Two occasions spring to mind though:

  1. In Sethekk Halls. Mega-healer Bupu died on the last boss and since we were all safely behind a pillar getting ready for the AoE, I had the chance to bring her back to life. I cast, she returned and within half a second was instantly killed by the AoE. Yeah, it was quite funny, in a way.
  2. In Shattered Halls. Again, the last boss and Bupu was cruelly relieved of the ability to stand up. I had a full health bar, a quick Barksin, Rebirth and back to bear form was entirely possible. Once again Bups returned to her mortal coil and was killed halfway through her first self-heal by Bladefist’s annoying rushy-about trick. Not quite as funny this time.

Both occasions granted us an extra fifteen seconds of that natty Angel thing that priests do, so we still came out on top. Not a complete loss but even so… I should be ashamed.

We also tried a heroic! Underbog was the daily and it has been said that it’s the easiest heroic, so we packed our bags and traipsed over there. Three things were noted:

  1. I could probably use a bit more dodge.
  2. Bupu could probably give her +healing a mini-boost
  3. Can we please have a mage that isn’t a total psycho with a whole-party deathwish? Seriously, wariness of mages have taken over hunters in my LFG grumbles. Damn mages. We got through it but, hoy, it was exausting. Why do I get the feeling that I’ve typed this before, verbatim?

New additions to the Tank Wardrobe since then include Thoriumweave Cloak (enchanted for extra dodginess) and, surprisingly pleasing, Alexandrite Ring of Eluding from some random trash in Arcatraz. +19 on both dodge and agility makes it a pretty neat find, and was some consolation for Elementium Band of the Sentry not dropping again.

Now coming up to just shy of 22,000 armour, 13,000 health and 33% dodge, maybe it’s time to try out that heroic again.

It was very easy to entirely disregard the efforts of my other team members in the DPS role, my main questions were something like “Is the tank keeping aggro?”, “Is the healer keeping me topped up while I’m not doing something berserk that might, just might, make everything go pear-shaped?” and that was it. Yes and yes*. Wicked.

* Added on behalf of the Padding The Ground For Obvious Falling After Ego Bloat Moments: Sometimes the answers are “Yes and yes, ooh, wait a minute, no! Eeeeep!” and various other combinations. Yes, I have moved while Flame Wreath was up.

But at the tanking station, bad group members have like a neon sign above their heads. With best friend Bupu at the back healing, we have both ends covered, and have started keeping a friendslist of “good PUG people”, really, really bad ones get put on the ignore list. Seriously. I have been known to get enormously stressed out while tanking, not in the usual run of things, the “when things go right” run of things, but the other times. The other times like when the mage takes it upon herself to decide it’s time to pull, at this point I have no rage. At all. And use a Pyroblast to do it. This actually happened! To make it worse, she then tried to make out like I was the “nab”.

Mage: Well why don’t you just get aggro after I pull?

Me: *blink* *blink* *blink*. Because you’re, like, using a six-second cast uber-fireball to tell them that we’re here! Hello? I ain’t a paladin, lady! Druid. Drooo-id.

We teamed up with one hunter for Auchenai Crypts who was a disaster in all ways, but turned up again in a group for Shadow Labs and he looked to be shaping up to a promising hunter, I walked him through his first Misdirection, the first one he let the buff run out before firing but he got better, as for the Crypts shenanigans, who knows, people have off days. I know I do.

I’m getting better, and calmer, at the tanking though. It’s going very well, thank you. Did Botanica tonight and only suffered one wipe. That’s pretty good going!

Weird thing that happened today. Out with Bupu doing the quest line to get an Arcatraz key and clearing up some of the demon pooches around that area, one dropped Valanos’ Longbow. Nothing strange about that, true enough, I won the roll and we carried on. The next mob? Dropped Valanos’ Longbow. I won the roll again but gave one to Bupsy so we could both enjoy the warm glow of the auction monies. I might actually see if that promising hunter wants it…

(picture by Kody and was the winner of Big Bear Butt‘s design a t-shirt contest a while back).

…I thought I was done with Ramparts when I had the belt and the bracers, but then I grouped up with another druid for Blood Furnace and she had the pretty Ursol’s Claw strapped to her back. Naturally I asked her where she got it and, of course, my Cartographer loot information doesn’t say what’s in the chest after downing Nazan and Vazruden.

After a few more empty runs, I’d even resigned myself to not getting it and instead went to grind rep with Sporeggar to get the Staff of the Wild from the “Now That We’re Friends…” quest.

But tonight, after grouping with the intention of doing The Furnace but ended up back in Ramps because of sheer, unashamed laziness at the distance from the meeting stone, it finally dropped. There. I hope I never have to see the inside of that damn instance again. Seriously.

Unlike the first time going through Outland with Anj and Alysha, when it was pure questing to get the most from the rest time, the instance-heavy route is gearing up Wintersong quite well. :D

Zul’Farrak was the staging ground for Wintersong’s second big tanking adventure and wouldn’t you know it, I’m quite enjoying the role as well as learning vital lessons about what a tank has to deal with regarding cocksure DPS members. It hurts more than a little that the class I’ve had the most trouble with so far is the hunter and, yes, part of me is thinking “Well, you know, they’re just making the same mistakes that I did, granted not at ZF level and totally not multi-shotting around sapped mobs but still, show a little patience,” while another part of me won’t have any of it.

This blog may have become more of an these days, but I’m still a hunter at heart, I still adore the class and I still won’t put up with any reasons to keep the term “huntard” in existence. The next hunter I see doing any more than two melee swings is going to be on the receiving end of a Feral Charge. Preow.

The good part of the whole ZF experience was, having just slipped into level 48 the night before going to the top of Zintha’Alor for the Mallet, the combined XP total of one and a quarter runs (server restart forced the quarter) and seven quests to complete while in there took me all the way to 49. Hail to the night! The easiest level I’ve ever completed. I even managed to impress myself and the healer by having Innervate easily accessible even when shapeshifted to cast during a particularly bad pull before going back to bear. Not bad for a beginner, even if I say so myself.

WoW Insider has an interesting piece about the expectations of women in WoW, the glass ceiling, the opinions of stupid boys, the Don’t Make Me Put On My Feminist Hat… It deserves reading.

Ahune. Rawr.Midsummer Festival is only a few days from drawing to a close, oh noes! Time to pop the alts aside for a short while and get stuck into the job of taking down that Ahune chappy.

Logging in as Anj I joined the LFG for a group to heroic Slave Pens and quickly found one. “We doing the whole instance or just Ahune?” quoth I, “Whole, since it’s the daily”. Ooh! *Gets quest*. So off we went. Now, with my brain all filled up with alt controls for the last few weeks, to say I was clunky to start off would be Understatement of the Year, but we marched on regardless. Boss one fell down, hey, hang on, isn’t Ahune… back there somewhere? Aah, we’ll be doing the instance and then coming back for Frostychops, yep, that’s what’s going to happen, don’t question it and for the love of Elune stay focussed on the task at hand.

After Quagmirran, the party started the quintessential “gr8 job” platitudes and started a portal back to Shattrath. ?!. So there you go. No Ahune for me, I should be less quiet during instances I think. All was not lost though, handing in the daily brought my Badges count up to forty-one and, hey, hang on, doesn’t that Bloodlust Brooch cost about that? Why, yes it does!

So, woo! No Ahune, but I don’t care. I’ll do him with Powdor and Ghem tonight or something. Bloodlust Brooch! Go me! /dance.

To further celebrate, I’ve dipped my purple toes into the waters of the Outfitter Trinket Queue to swap between the Brooch and Bladefist’s Breadth depending on whichever is available. That’s on probation but should work out. Extra critical strike for equipping the Breadth or extra ranged attack power for the Brooch is a tricky choice, so the cooldowns can be the sole arbiter of that decision.

I’m troubled by the enchant options for spell-casters that are given to carrying a staff. See, the Spellpower enchant appears, to all intents and purposes, like it’s just for the one-hand weapons while your two-hand options are sadly limited. My question is this: The Enchant Weapon: Spellpower doesn’t make any mention of how many hands you need to hold it, does it apply to both? Does this mean I have to settle for a single-handed weapon? Not that it’s anything more than a moot point because I’m never going to actually use it.

So with this in mind, I put myself in the LFG group for doing some Caverns of Time instances, just a little bit of reputation needed to buy that snazzy-looking Continuum Blade, ready to be paired off with the Star-Heart Lamp from Black Morass. Dressed for success, right? But no! Not even shown on the loot table in Cartographer for Morass, Bloodfire Greatstaff drops! It’s a little bit of +crit shaved off as compared to The Bringer of Death, but with greater stamina and intellect thrown in to make it a more than worthwhile trade-off. And, having not liked the look of Bringer ever since I bought it from the auction house (as much as it looks kinda warlocky), it wins like a million times. Loving it loving it loving it. Sod the Blade and Lamp!

Given that my main rep-grinding companion was a good friend from The Last Guild who was wanting the Hourglass, we then proceeded to run the instance a further x times (lost count) and sadly, he didn’t see the same joy as me. We went through a different tank and/or healer on each run and, being the only skinner on each occasion, I also managed to end the day with five stacks of Knothide Leather to throw at the auction masses.

Surely I can get a bunch of spell damage stapled to it, we casters aren’t known for dual-wielding and we’re not allowed to enchant the fancy off-hand… things. I got the mats all ready to go!

Me and my Ghost Saber have been together since level 24, it’s hard to let go with a long-standing relationship like that. Good times, bad times, indifferent times, we’ve seen them all. Nevertheless, my occasional Let’s Try Another Pet nerve has kicked in once again and I tamed a shiny, red Wind Serpent from around where Maggoc roams in Blade’s Edge Mountains literally seconds before being summoned to heroic Botanica.

Pros: Lightning Breath is spell damage and ignores armour. Ranged attack could come in handy for the Netherwing quest to shoot down the drake riders.

Cons: Wind Serpents can, if pushed, be accused of looking rubbish with matching animation. They also hang around at about player height, so watch how they get in your way when you’re trying to loot something. That’s a dirty Voidwalker trick!

So, bearing in mind that the serpent is level 67, and only going with the Lightning Breath that comes installed as standard, here’s how he did…

Not bad lookin’ damage done, he turned out an average of just over 100DPS with… fairly okay averages on the individual, foil-wrapped abilities. Allergic Reaction though? That doesn’t look good. That’s slacking off on the Improved Mend Pet there, bad hunter. Moving on, taking the first heroic I could get my hands on (badges, need them), here’s how GirlsVsWorld did in Hellfire Ramparts.

Pros: Super-cute and ultra-deadly.

Cons: Psh!

Worth noting that the damage meters were reset shortly before the first boss because I was using the wrong ability, Claw instead of Bite which is bound to the same 10second cooldown as the Lightning Breath although costing fifteen less focus. All in all, recount was reporting an average of 200DPS, even with a criminal amount of unused focus. Wind Serpent not looking so good…

I think I’m going to reintroduce the Animal Handler talent to my spec pretty soon, if only for the reduced frequency of seeing that most awful of damage reports: “Miss! (Kill Command)”. Also, I’m just not prepared to start mucking about with the new enchant form of riding crops in the next patch. Any chance we could have it raised to a 10% speed increase though? I don’t see what is apparently so blasphemous about that idea, Paladins have access to 30% extra riding speed or something mental, and they’re not even the world’s official Friends Of The Animals.

Note to self: Also need a macro to call pet back, with dash and a mend pet, some of those boss AoE effects are plain mean to the animals. It’s all well and good the serpent having a ranged special attack but if he’s just going to get in the mob’s grill for the melee anyway, it ain’t a whole hill o’beans, is it?

III. Idiot.

We loves our portal from Shattrath to Quel’Danas, and we’re more than happy to pitch in and collect the mana cells to keep it. And so, touching down in Bashir Landing, the random killing of Ethereals began. Now, either the drop rates for this (and, while we’re at it, the Sunfury Attack Plans) had seen some kind of nerf shortly after the launch or I just got really lucky the first few days, I was patient at first. But after the better part of fifteen minutes spent on what was tantamount to genocide, no phasing device was dropping. Was I going mad? Was I in the right place? Seriously, I checked. On a whim I checked my quest log.


In my hyperactive willingness to help out, I’d completely forgotten to pick up the quest. The Sunfury elves on my next dailies port of call gladly felt the full brunt of my huffy attitude.

II. Second.

In no small thanks to the countless runs of normal Botanica to get my Beast Lord Cuirass, a PUG heroic run today popped my reputation with the Sha’tar up to exalted. Yeep! That’s two ticked off, it looks like the next one to see a glorious full bar will be Cenarion Expedition. Of the instance itself, mental note to myself: Pulling aggro to trap a mob from a paladin tank in love with Consecration is nigh impossible. The number of blue square-marked mobs that I killed whilst just trying to get them to show me some attention was… Well, it was a silly number.

I. First

My first Badge of Justice gear! Goodbye Cloak of Malice, hello Blood Knight War Cloak! Mmm, yummy. Some have remarked that it’s not the coolest-looking cloak in the world but here’s a trick I’ve employed since level 5 or something: In your interface options, find “Show Cloak” and uncheck it. They all look pretty stupid if you ask me (doubly so on the Draenei, where the tail gives it that oh-so-attractive Dilbert curl), and completely impractical. Did no-one see The Incredibles?

With the savings approaching 4500g, a relief package of 750g was sent from bank-chick supreme Cherrytea to get the process moving a bit. It’s these little bursts of emergency pocket money that make having a bank character such a nice idea. Behold:

Now, with my “Amount Of Money Spent In One Day” record not so much broken as shattered into a fine powder, I can safely say that it was totally worth it. Just herb-farming alone has seen a productivity-boost more than three-fold! As for the flying mount dailies, they’re definitely faster even though by the time I’ve moved from one target to another, the cooldown on whatever bombs I’m using is still chugging away. But watch me laugh like a maniac as I zip between the three Skyguard Prisoner spawn points and locate him with zero fuss!

Also: Magister’s Terrace again. Kael’Thas dropped Hauberk of the War Bringer. Joot, yay me. Have you seen my flying mount though? Look! The accessories match my hair colour!

Finally! Finally! And, for a third time, finally managed to complete Magister’s Terrace on normal difficulty. Two chaotic attemps that stand as a testament to the dangers of PUGs fell apart either at or just before Kael’Thas due to in-party bickering and, yep, I’m going to say it, boys that overdose on testosterone and seem to think they’re Chuck Norris. Note to self, if I’m in a group again and one of the party members says “Make your own way to the instance, faggots!”, I’m going to leave straight away and save myself the inevitable repair bills.

Words of the day are “crowd” and “control”, written over and over again. I can’t think of another instance where the trash mob pulls have been more difficult and draining than the bosses. Between them lies a veritable endurance course of trapping, sapping and stunning to keep the number of mobs active at any one time to a minimum.

I felt slightly bad that I was the first to die during the Kael encounter, having survived pretty well for about 25 seconds of the zero gravity effect, ducking, diving, dodging and weaving around the energy balls only to be pranged from underneath while cornered against the back wall. Oops. These things happen though, at least we can learn from them, eh? And let’s face it, I did do pretty well at getting the phoenix out of harm’s way so it could have been a lot worse. I have to believe this. I might have been let off a little for bringing class-specific packed lunches for all party members at the start. Yeah, I’m nice like that, the group is searching for a tank, I’m going to do a bit of fishing and withdraw some extra snacks from the guild bank because no-one else is taking them.

I was, however, left with the excruciating experience of helplessly having to watch the rest of my party carrying on, two others dying and the remaining members dangerously low on health by the time Kael was about to pop his clogs. When he finally died, that was my chance to breathe out. No real gear of any use to any of the party members (two rogues, shaman healer, warrior tank) dropped throughout the whole instance but I could tell the appearance of Phoenix Hatchling dropping at the bitter end had everyone going for the need icon. Guess who won? Yay, the career low-roller! Behold:

The cutest hatchling

This one won’t be joining the growing collection of companions in the bank for some time, that much I know. Now what to call her?

MgT, as it’s finally becoming known on our server (MT is and always will be Mana Tombs, thankfully people are beginning to realise this), wasn’t made any easier by the fact that we’re only within a week of the new patch and there’s still people that don’t have a working version of Omen, the only threat meters I had to go by was my own. Add to that the fact that damage meters are still outdated so I can’t see how effective I’m being with the only possible consolation being that everyone else in the party probably can’t see how ineffective I’m being. I suppose.

Awards have to be handed out for the prettiness of the instance, you have to hand it to the blood elves, they know a thing or two about how to make places look palatial, must be all that time they save by not eating, although the environmental challenge of tight corridors, trees and fancy bits abounds resulting in a higher element of Stuff In My View Syndrome than any other instance I’ve seen. The only other thing I would add is: Mmmm! Cut-scenes. More of them in Lich King please!

So, yeah, woo! Frantic and panicky fun for all the family! I look forward to being able to do a few guild runs before I even dare stepping foot in the heroic difficulty.

Anj avec Sonic SpearWith our main guild tank back from his week of snowboarding (something about tanks and extreme sports), we finally managed to get one of our healers through Shadow Labs with, wait for it, no problems at all! Ah well, okay, there was a small wipe going into the second room but we’ve passed that area with no problems so many times it counts as a typo rather than an outright spelling mistake, to use a somewhat askew metaphor.

And for the first time I’ve seen, the Sonic Spear dropped from Murmur. Now I’ve been pretty happy with my PvP polearm and had given up on the idea of getting it replaced on account of the “Oh, what? Shadow Labs again?” factor but it came up, the other hunter in the group swears by his dual-wield and, you know what? I’m gonna go right ahead and click need on this one. It’s time for a change of look. Aside from anything else, the PvP polearm is enchanted for +35 agility which you get right from the box with the Spear! Stick another +35 on that and oh! There’s going to be tears.

Ever since getting my first two-hand sword from the Sunken Temple back at level 50 (embarrassingly this one, certainly not what anyone might call an ideal sword for a hunter), I’ve grown to love the fleeting, one-swing damage that a quick Wing Clip/Raptor Strike macro gives on the way to getting back in range, and if a +15 strength sword can lead me down the path of kitey righteousness rather than getting bogged down in albeit fast, stabby melee while at the same time looking a million times more cool then it can’t be that bad, can it? Unfortunately for polearms though, they don’t start looking impressive until level 70 as far as I’ve seen. Prior to that, all you have is basically a dagger with an extra-long handle, which is no good for anyone. Okay, maybe someone, but not me. I crave fanciness!

And so the enchant shopping list starts again, as does the rule of the “If possible, buy in bulk”. 27g rising to 35g for the cheapest eight Large Prismatic Shards in the list? OR buy ten for 255g? Which seems the most sensible? Same kind of saving for the Greater Planar Essences and the twenty handfuls of Arcane Dust were kindly provided by my tailor warlock. She goes through loads of that stuff.

I swear I am never going to see that epic flying mount. Money comes in. Money goes out. Easy come, easy go. Ah well. Life goes on.

The very last of Anj’s green items has finally been replaced! Obviously an occasion as momentous as this requires a more or less instant replace-and-vendor move, thereby removing my ability to even remember what it was, and The Armory has already uncharacteristically updated to reflect the change. Suffice to say it was a pretty good necklace (and, with pretty good, I mean that it just managed to out-stat the Choker Of Bloodied Feathers back in the day, hence it being around my neck in the first place), but nevertheless a regular quest reward and, even-lesser the never, was green.

Taking the heroic Slave Pens’ Quagmirran and giving him the slap he so righteously deserved resulted in a giddy-epic Adamantite Chain of the Unbroken falling out of his pocket. So that’s where he was hiding it! A slight drop in agility, but a much-needed boost to my recently-diminished critical strike chance and I’m dancing. A lucky greed roll also got me detailed instructions on how to cut a Balanced Nightseye gem and, given the amount of money I’ve paid for these in the past, any jewel-crafter seeing it on the auction house is going to have to expect to part with some heavy money for it. I am sure that jewellers can use their spare masses of gold as a thrown weapon, I’m never going to get an epic flying mount and yet you can spot anyone good with jewels by the brand new iPod they’re carrying.

Also acquired today for Anj’s ever more powerful raid outfit were honour points spent on PvP bracers to bolster up her stamina, enchanted and socketed for a total of +40 attack power, a mini +7 agility for gloves, and mats gathered and posted to Powdor for a Knothide Armor Kit for boots. Well, they are still PvP boots, if I’m going to spend money enchanting them with anything it’ll be something more suitable for the battlegrounds or, who knows, maybe one day, even arena (gusp!).

Now to set my sights on Warp Splinter. He’s going to hate me. The normal difficulty still owes, yes owes, me a Beast Lord Cuirass which I don’t really need because I have the set bonuses tied up in the four pieces I wear already but, hey, I want to complete the set! We can do nothing if not coordinate, dammit. Meanwhile the heroic version of him is hiding some natty epic Beast Lord-matching boots from me and he should think again before being mean about those as well.

Maybe I should let him know that I know his mum and he should play fair or I’m going to tell…

(photograph is by blugrn and shared under a Creative Commons license)
July 2018
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