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From that confusing first drop (a memorable “Eh? What’s this?!” moment in Western Plaguelands) to the most recent, the Darkmoon cards have built up a reputation with me as being nice to sell… Eventually. Somehow more of a drag than a bonus. But having had one of the Lunacy Deck turn up in Mechanar the other day, after a little research decided, you know what? I’m going to go for this.

It seems to result in a pretty nice soloing and, let’s be honest, tanking trinket, even if only for the stamina. Since I’m moving on to gain aggro on the next target at about 10% health, it’s unlikely to proc while tanking unless a Lacerate tick gets in there last. Defence is fine on my current tanking outfit, but I still need that stamina and armour before I can go waltzing into heroics and even, dare I say it, raids. Cripes.

Anj has had the Skyguard Silver Cross for a while, which has a similar Chance on Kill operation, but on top of the +51 Stamina I have to say the surprise element for the resulting buffs is altogether too tempting for someone like me to ignore:

Delusional: +70 attack power
Dementia: Every 5 seconds either gives you +5% or -5% damage/healing.
Kleptomania: +35 agility
Manic: +35 haste (spell, melee and ranged)
Martyr Complex: +35 stamina
Meglomania: +41 damage/healing
Narcissism: +35 intellect
Paranoia: +35 spell/melee/ranged crit strike rating
Sociopath: +35 strength

So far with (mainly) cheap purchases from AH (a couple of … less cheap ones), I only have the Eight of Lunacy left to get my hands on. So here’s looking forward to 2009 when I finally complete the set, again trying to use reverse psychology to ensure it’s available on the AH for 20g when I next log on. Fingers crossed!

(picture from Somerslea and shared under a Creative Commons License)

Additionata, 6th September 2008: Eight of Lunacy turned up on the Auction House for 40g. It was snapped up in a heartbeat and now Winters is waiting for the Carnies to set up the Faire in Elwynn Forest. Yeep!


Ahune. Rawr.Midsummer Festival is only a few days from drawing to a close, oh noes! Time to pop the alts aside for a short while and get stuck into the job of taking down that Ahune chappy.

Logging in as Anj I joined the LFG for a group to heroic Slave Pens and quickly found one. “We doing the whole instance or just Ahune?” quoth I, “Whole, since it’s the daily”. Ooh! *Gets quest*. So off we went. Now, with my brain all filled up with alt controls for the last few weeks, to say I was clunky to start off would be Understatement of the Year, but we marched on regardless. Boss one fell down, hey, hang on, isn’t Ahune… back there somewhere? Aah, we’ll be doing the instance and then coming back for Frostychops, yep, that’s what’s going to happen, don’t question it and for the love of Elune stay focussed on the task at hand.

After Quagmirran, the party started the quintessential “gr8 job” platitudes and started a portal back to Shattrath. ?!. So there you go. No Ahune for me, I should be less quiet during instances I think. All was not lost though, handing in the daily brought my Badges count up to forty-one and, hey, hang on, doesn’t that Bloodlust Brooch cost about that? Why, yes it does!

So, woo! No Ahune, but I don’t care. I’ll do him with Powdor and Ghem tonight or something. Bloodlust Brooch! Go me! /dance.

To further celebrate, I’ve dipped my purple toes into the waters of the Outfitter Trinket Queue to swap between the Brooch and Bladefist’s Breadth depending on whichever is available. That’s on probation but should work out. Extra critical strike for equipping the Breadth or extra ranged attack power for the Brooch is a tricky choice, so the cooldowns can be the sole arbiter of that decision.

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