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Team Angel’s second visit to Karazhan this week commenced in the usual clunky fashion with one member dropping out before we’d even got through the gates (oh noes! Lost DKP!), one member calling ahead to warn of a slight delay and one member not even showing up with nary a note from the doctor nor nothin’. Bad start to his DKP, being as how it’s now two points into minus figures. Hey, we gots to be tough and do this by the book. They will learn!

The tragically short visit on Wednesday left us picking up the thread from Maiden of Virtue, do you think there’s a passing resemblance to Princess Diana there? Maybe it’s just me, although pointing out that the likeness would be more accurate in five minutes time was apparently ‘in bad taste’. Come on, it’s been ten years now. Let it go. No real problems were encountered, I just stood back, unleashed Bestial Wrath alternated with Bladefist’s Breadth and kept firing our Fatal Pointy Sticks of Fury into her, taking the stun debuff when it came as a chance for the tank to gain a further lead on the aggro tables. Two other hunters in the group besides me, one Marksmanship, the other Beast Mastery and who was at the top of the damage meters? Stop asking such silly questions…

Opera event next, Big Bad Wolf event and, wouldn’t you know it, I was the first to don the red hood and cape for the mad dash around the stage. We wiped with Wolfie down to 20% health but came back a little wiser and finished the job off, quickly followed by a takedown of Curator on the first attempt. Oh yeah, we roxxor. A sting in the tail before we wrapped up for the night, Gloves of The Fallen Hero dropped. I lost the roll, and not only that, after a tie-break re-roll! Booo! What are the odds? But, hey, it’s no real big thing, I’ll happily pass up on it all if it guarantees getting my hands on that bow. Bow first, tier [whatever] after, are my priorities right? And because I often feel guilty for reporting it within the group itself (no-one likes a show-off), here’s the end-of-raid top three, screenshotted seconds after a bunch of people left the group but, rest assured, the top three remains as was.

Karazhan, 18th April 2008

The second green bar you can see there is a marksmanship hunter. It’s really not fair is it?

Items of dubious tangibility aside, my long-standing problems with WoW stemming from low memory (512Mb, gusp!) has been nipped right in the bud thanks to the extended loan of and extra 1Gb of the stuff. Snapped it in straight after the ‘Zhan and oh. My. God. Shattrath City at a consistent framerate! The ability to push the graphics up from the lowest settings and to feel the joy of a crisp, bright, beautiful world where I can actually see into the distance! So this is the game y’alls have been playing is it? Never again will I get hopelessly lost in the fog trying to find the bloody entrance to Botanica, nor will I miss out on the lush wonders of Nagrand while flying at a height of greater than thirty yards.

So now starts a full two-worlds tour, just looking at it. It’s like it’s all new!

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