As far as level-cap footwear has gone, there’s only been one type I’ve liked but hardly ever worn, those being the sleek, hug-the-calves type, regularly seen in leather but rarely in mail, that seemed to have always taken second place in drop and stat popularity to the somehow wrong -looking fold-over-top ones.

But tonight’s Malygos25 bagged Anj a pair of Boots of the Renewed Flight and they look gorgeous. Big, stompy, chunky, goth boots that look like they Mean Business! Kick-down-the-door-and-drink-dwarves-under-the-table business, f’reals!

I’m really enjoying my newly-discovered love for raiding which I never really felt in Burning Crusade, perhaps mainly because when everything was brand new and people could fill a Karazhan group in a matter of seconds, I hadn’t even reached level 10. Yeah, I did Kara enough to get to exalted with Violet Eye but it was still always more stress than fun, and that stress caused me to decline a lot of offers for groups that I could have easily have accepted. I never got the imba bow, the tier armour set or the number of Badges that would allow me to buy decent alternatives, but this time round I’m in there from the beginning and it feels amazing.

There’s also the fact that I’m in a guild that is geared enough to have Naxxramas on farm status and I am, with my friends, for the most part, being carried while I slowly creep up the DPS charts, even though topping the meters is no longer my priority over plain, basic Having Fun and enjoying my role and contribution to the group.

Not that it’s all been easy! Sartharion plus two drakes was a trial and there’s still the same plus three drakes to come before Patch 3.1 and Ulduar when the guild playing field levels a little bit. Not to mention the bosses that you can be as geared as you like for but still require a lot of co-ordination, I haven’t lived through Heigan yet but felt a true sense of pride when I finally got Thaddius (yes, I’m slow). There’s still the stress but it’s stress without the sense of hopelessness which makes a big difference. Here’s to the future, I honestly can’t wait.

Does anyone else get Malygos mixed up with Fleet Foxes’ Mykonos? Just me? Okay.