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Well, the guild website idea fell flat on it’s face when, understandably, members weren’t too keen on the idea of having to check a site every day outside of the game. Something that takes place live, in the game, as it’s performed is required and, as luck would have it, I downloaded GroupCalendar spookily while listening to the Epic Dolls podcast that would go on to also give it a mention just ten minutes later and begin to throw mad props at it. Hardly surprising because it’s… it’s just wonderful, and daddy I love him! And here’s why:

1. All events, be them raids, instances, birthdays, meetings or whatever can be created, viewed, signed up to and populated entirely from one neat and tidy menu. This one is obvious, that’s what the add-on does. True, all members of the guild that intend to use it need to also have it on but, come on, do you want to come to the raids and earn DKP? Do you want to do it here or be forced to live in blissful ignorance or go to a clunky website? It’s a small price to pay.

2. It automatically shows days when raids reset and also, much to my unrestrained glee, when my transmute cooldown timer is up. One can only assume other cooldowns are supported.

3. It turns the otherwise useless day/night indicator on the minimap to a super-cool analogue clock showing the server time and, on mouseover, local time.

4. All people signed up to a raid can be automatically invited to a group with the click of a button.

5. Only need a certain number of a particular class in the group? Well you can set a limit on that. Evil use potential for administrators: Limit the number of your class to just one and sign up, filling the slot and thereby eliminating any competition on the rolls, bu-ha-ha-ha! Of course, I would never do that. *twitch*.

And probably some other things that I haven’t even noticed yet. Did we mention the clock, the analogue clock? That’s a little touch of smartness that people deserve in their lives. GroupCalendar, you win your weight in tasty biscuits.

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