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Obviously the big news from Patch 2.4.3 is the ten-level drop in mount accessibility, great news for Girlpants (just hit level 31), but would fail to raise an eyebrow with Wintersong (just about to hit 40). Druids in general will have it weird though, don’t they get their fancy-schmancy travel form at level 30? Well either way, the drop in training price means it’s not going to make much sense for Winters to get her mount straight away, might as well wait until the patch comes out.

It’s going to be super news for Powdor’s priest Bupu, being a class that doesn’t have the option for any form of faster travel and some of those long walks can be drag, she’s questing like mad to get up to 40, she can take a chill-pill now.

Best news for me though is the new herb bag patterns available with Sporeggar rep. Having recently spent about an hour a couple of weeks ago attempting to grind old-world Cenarion Circle rep for their herb bag pattern before getting bored, I’m going to want to provide Anj with one of those as soon as possible. It took the best part of ages to gather the Un’Goro Soil for the Morrowgrain needed for the 20-slot herb bag and I’ve been doing it again recently because someone in the trade channel wanted a herb bag and I was feeling kind. Let’s hope the required mats for the new bags aren’t crazy, like four Primal Mooncloth, ten Primal Life and five Mana Thistle.

How come there’s vendors in Outland that sell pretty much every other kind of gathering profession bag but not herb bags?

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