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Spent the better part of 386g on a Primal Mooncloth Bag to replace another of the Imbued Netherweave variety, which may have been a silly expense for what is essentially two extra slots but, hey, we needs our bag space! At least the comparison of the price of a fully-made-up 20-slotter with the cost of the individual mats to ship over to my tailorin’ warlock for craftin’ made some kind of bizarre economic sense.

But, you see, bag space is a contentious issue with hunters and, I suppose, warlocks. We get one less! I’d love to be able to carry around a change of clothing for PvE and PvP play but, sadly, I’d have a tiny amount space left over for the random gatherings of daily life and be faced with even more trips to vendors to lighten the load. Isn’t it about time that we got a handy, out-of-the-way, keyring-styled bag for ammunition or soul-shards? Given the length of time this request has been floating about, the answer is an emphatic “Probably not”. It makes sense though, from a logic perspective, doesn’t it? A quiver, shot pouch or soul-pouch isn’t even a full bag! It’s a mini-bag at best. One of the reasons I prefer the bow over its alternatives is the reassuring image of a cute quiver strapped to my back whenever I’m using it, and you can see that it’s a mini-bag, perhaps even a micro-bag. Nano-baglet?

Logic and basic realism are minor concerns in this area anyway, since recently I’ve been storing consumables like my food, drinks and potions in the same bag as gathered “Sludge. Just… sludge”. Why am I carrying this around? And why do vendors pay so handsomely when you schlop it down on their counter? Like, eew. I hope those Warp Burgers are wrapped. Seriously, with a choice of trinkets, my growing list of always-stocked potions, my Purple Festival Dress for casual dressin’ in the city and foods to keep kitty happy, space is too tight to mention.

One thing I can enjoy from a massive increase of two extra bag slots is the chance to carry around two weapons, namely my long-serving Gladiator’s Heavy Crossbow and the occasionally-used Lohn’goron, Bow of the Torn-heart (scoped for +crit, natch) which throws out marginally less D’s per S but scores points for shot-speed and being too gorgeous, at least until we can get Prince Malchazaar down enough times for the bow he’s hoarding to drop. As a guild we got as far as him but things started going horribly wrong. To be fair to us, on a couple of occasions we got really unlucky with where his infernals landed, but still. “Could do better”, written in red Biro at the bottom of our report card.

I’ve also been playing around with Disengage, until recently probably the only spell that I have literally never used*, and it turns out that it’s not completely useless. Hardly what you’d call a life-saver either though. Ah well, at least we try.

*The Hour-Later edit: The fact that I completely forgot about the existence of Tranquilizing Shot probably says a lot.

(photograph by kate e. did and shared under a Creative Commons license).
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