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So the tooltip says “instant” but the cast bar says “I don’t think so”. What’s going on with the Patch 2.4.2 instant Scare Beast spell? Could it be true? Were Blizzard’s offices descended upon by thousands of teenage druids like some kind of nightmare, whiny-voiced remake of Assault on Precinct 13? The horror!

Mania’s Arcania helped a lot more than my own WoW forums search (which only seemed to come up with druid after druid saying “Haha! Huntards!”, aaaw! Did you write that?!) with the full story from Nathaera on the General Forums:

The change to the cast time was reverted to the 1.5 second cast time. The range is still 30 yards. Please note though that the tooltip still reads that it is instant cast, but this is a bug that will be fixed.

Oh well, it was a spell that I rarely used not becoming one that I might use less rarely. I still might target and kill any Tauren druids that cross my path for a few days anyway, just to let them know that cast time isn’t a massive problem. They send our spells to the hospital, we send them to the morgue. That’s how we roll. ;) Only joking. Or am I? :O

Animal terror aside, I finally got round to setting buttons for two pet control macros that I’ve been needing for a while after noticing that the little six-button cluster of keys around PgUp and PgDn were not really doing anything. Instance and raid situations a-go-go!

“Hay-ulp! The Healer has aggro! Kitty to teh rescuez!”

/cast Growl
/cast Dash
/cast Intimidation

“Hay-ulp! A boss is dealing out some mean AoE damage! Run away!”

/cast Dash
/cast Mend Pet

I now have just two slots left for Anj-specific macros! Oh noes!

(photograph by Walmink and shared under a Creative Commons license)
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