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I’m troubled by the enchant options for spell-casters that are given to carrying a staff. See, the Spellpower enchant appears, to all intents and purposes, like it’s just for the one-hand weapons while your two-hand options are sadly limited. My question is this: The Enchant Weapon: Spellpower doesn’t make any mention of how many hands you need to hold it, does it apply to both? Does this mean I have to settle for a single-handed weapon? Not that it’s anything more than a moot point because I’m never going to actually use it.

So with this in mind, I put myself in the LFG group for doing some Caverns of Time instances, just a little bit of reputation needed to buy that snazzy-looking Continuum Blade, ready to be paired off with the Star-Heart Lamp from Black Morass. Dressed for success, right? But no! Not even shown on the loot table in Cartographer for Morass, Bloodfire Greatstaff drops! It’s a little bit of +crit shaved off as compared to The Bringer of Death, but with greater stamina and intellect thrown in to make it a more than worthwhile trade-off. And, having not liked the look of Bringer ever since I bought it from the auction house (as much as it looks kinda warlocky), it wins like a million times. Loving it loving it loving it. Sod the Blade and Lamp!

Given that my main rep-grinding companion was a good friend from The Last Guild who was wanting the Hourglass, we then proceeded to run the instance a further x times (lost count) and sadly, he didn’t see the same joy as me. We went through a different tank and/or healer on each run and, being the only skinner on each occasion, I also managed to end the day with five stacks of Knothide Leather to throw at the auction masses.

Surely I can get a bunch of spell damage stapled to it, we casters aren’t known for dual-wielding and we’re not allowed to enchant the fancy off-hand… things. I got the mats all ready to go!


Anj avec Sonic SpearWith our main guild tank back from his week of snowboarding (something about tanks and extreme sports), we finally managed to get one of our healers through Shadow Labs with, wait for it, no problems at all! Ah well, okay, there was a small wipe going into the second room but we’ve passed that area with no problems so many times it counts as a typo rather than an outright spelling mistake, to use a somewhat askew metaphor.

And for the first time I’ve seen, the Sonic Spear dropped from Murmur. Now I’ve been pretty happy with my PvP polearm and had given up on the idea of getting it replaced on account of the “Oh, what? Shadow Labs again?” factor but it came up, the other hunter in the group swears by his dual-wield and, you know what? I’m gonna go right ahead and click need on this one. It’s time for a change of look. Aside from anything else, the PvP polearm is enchanted for +35 agility which you get right from the box with the Spear! Stick another +35 on that and oh! There’s going to be tears.

Ever since getting my first two-hand sword from the Sunken Temple back at level 50 (embarrassingly this one, certainly not what anyone might call an ideal sword for a hunter), I’ve grown to love the fleeting, one-swing damage that a quick Wing Clip/Raptor Strike macro gives on the way to getting back in range, and if a +15 strength sword can lead me down the path of kitey righteousness rather than getting bogged down in albeit fast, stabby melee while at the same time looking a million times more cool then it can’t be that bad, can it? Unfortunately for polearms though, they don’t start looking impressive until level 70 as far as I’ve seen. Prior to that, all you have is basically a dagger with an extra-long handle, which is no good for anyone. Okay, maybe someone, but not me. I crave fanciness!

And so the enchant shopping list starts again, as does the rule of the “If possible, buy in bulk”. 27g rising to 35g for the cheapest eight Large Prismatic Shards in the list? OR buy ten for 255g? Which seems the most sensible? Same kind of saving for the Greater Planar Essences and the twenty handfuls of Arcane Dust were kindly provided by my tailor warlock. She goes through loads of that stuff.

I swear I am never going to see that epic flying mount. Money comes in. Money goes out. Easy come, easy go. Ah well. Life goes on.

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