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Listed in the small changes of Patch 3.0.9:

Changed the colour of the fissure in the Obsidian Sanctum to be more visually distinct.

Ummm… Do you fancy doing the same for Kill Shot? Is it just me or does that ability seem to require something a little bit more impressive? Most of the time I’m wondering if it has actually been cast at all, having to rely on checking whether the cooldown has been triggered because a high-speed, lower-case “o” just doesn’t cut it for me. How about making it like Arcane Shot but red? That would be nice.

As it stands, a brand-new scratching post for kitty to sharpen her claws on is as much as you can ask from a small stop-gap patch, so who can complain?

In preparation for Patch 3.1 and the removal of consumable ammo, Anj joined in an overpowered Zul’Aman raid purely for the quest “Promises, Promises…” and its 20-slot bag reward. That’s safely in the bank, unlike the Ancient Amani Longbow which was held for a bit, admired for a bit longer, used on a few of Northrend’s creatures just for the fun of it and then exchanged for 10g at a vendor. Anj’s bank already has enough sentimental items, I really don’t think there needs to be another. ;)


Patch 3.1 looms with its crazy changes, extra bag space and Beast Mastery given a full and frank apology abounds. Exciting future-visions aside, here in the hinterlands there’s not much going on except for the usual heroine antics with the possibility of “Hey, look what gear I got!” posts.

Okay, well, Wraith Spear if you must know, enchanted up to the nines with Massacre (850g spent on a single enchant, a new personal best), to replace the Icier Barbed Spear from Amphitheatre of Anguish back at level seventy-faaahve. I’ve also moved into a guild that has Naxx25 on farm and they’re going to run me and my friends through it quite soon, to which all I can say is: OMG! Arrowsong!

Talent-wise, I shifted a point out of Mortal Shots to put back in Beast Mastery because, although people say that you can still get as much DPS from sixteen pet talent points as you can from twenty, the increased survivability of kitty from the extra points should not be underestimated. Still no exotic pet, I mean if I was around in the area and Loque’nahak showed up, I’d make an effort to tame him but I certainly ain’t going out of my way.

Besides, I’m glad I did, an extra tier of pet talents sounds pretty nice. I am, of course, assuming that this extra tier will only available to members of the BM51 Club… ;)

And that’s it really. Not much else going on. Thank you for your patience. Your call is important to us.

(photograph by architekt2 and shared under a Creative Commons license)

With regard to this post about how hunters are doing too much damage and need to be taken down a notch or two, well, as much as it’s an overused phrase I’m gonna come right out and say it. Meh.

There have been a number of occasions, going through the Recount damage reports after an instance, where I have felt just a little bit guilty about the amount of damage myself and particularly my pet has been doing so I kinda saw it coming.

Winters would also like to add that hunters that she has tanked for that have used nothing but Volley are deeply annoying and, to be honest, she’s glad of it. The good hunters will roll with the punch, adjust their play style and still top the bill, overkill and find the will to carry on.

The huntards on the other hand, go and stand in the Moaning Corner where you can find all the accessories you need to bitch, whine and complain but for the love of Elune don’t ever change the way you do things.


Add-ons not working, everything disabled, world server going down every so often, ooh, hey, that’s a pretty new loading screen, what about the harbour, the talents trees, the achievement points, the…

Never mind all that, get me to the barbers!

Dabbling with the Hairband style for Anj on the left there, not sure if that’s going to stay or not (to be honest, I adore the Tomboy style), although the dark blue colour has been planned for months now. Winters has her official family facial markings at long last!

Yay! Now… About that “oh my goddess, my add-ons are askew!” thing…

Happy Patch Day!


Servers come back online at 10am GMT. My shift at this new-fangled “work” starts at… 10am. /cry.

I’m told with a certain degree of confidence that the new patch will be applied this Wednesday, and not before time. With Wintersong at 42 and Girlpants now at 40, the whole issue of mounts at level 30 turned out to make very little difference for me, although both characters are still relying on their own feet for travelling because it would be crazy to ignore the price drop. It also means, with G-Pants being draenei, that I get my first ever elekk mount which I’m quite excited about. I love the way they jump, they look so cute.

It got me thinking though: Is there a town anywhere in the world (for some reason I’m imagining America) called Moot Pointe? Serious contender for the award of Second Best-Named Place In The World, after Nova Scotia. There must be only two roads leading in to Moot Pointe, both of which being the same distance and complexity. “Which exit do you want to take into Moot Pointe?” “I don’t know, any. It doesn’t really matter”.

Obviously the big news from Patch 2.4.3 is the ten-level drop in mount accessibility, great news for Girlpants (just hit level 31), but would fail to raise an eyebrow with Wintersong (just about to hit 40). Druids in general will have it weird though, don’t they get their fancy-schmancy travel form at level 30? Well either way, the drop in training price means it’s not going to make much sense for Winters to get her mount straight away, might as well wait until the patch comes out.

It’s going to be super news for Powdor’s priest Bupu, being a class that doesn’t have the option for any form of faster travel and some of those long walks can be drag, she’s questing like mad to get up to 40, she can take a chill-pill now.

Best news for me though is the new herb bag patterns available with Sporeggar rep. Having recently spent about an hour a couple of weeks ago attempting to grind old-world Cenarion Circle rep for their herb bag pattern before getting bored, I’m going to want to provide Anj with one of those as soon as possible. It took the best part of ages to gather the Un’Goro Soil for the Morrowgrain needed for the 20-slot herb bag and I’ve been doing it again recently because someone in the trade channel wanted a herb bag and I was feeling kind. Let’s hope the required mats for the new bags aren’t crazy, like four Primal Mooncloth, ten Primal Life and five Mana Thistle.

How come there’s vendors in Outland that sell pretty much every other kind of gathering profession bag but not herb bags?

So the tooltip says “instant” but the cast bar says “I don’t think so”. What’s going on with the Patch 2.4.2 instant Scare Beast spell? Could it be true? Were Blizzard’s offices descended upon by thousands of teenage druids like some kind of nightmare, whiny-voiced remake of Assault on Precinct 13? The horror!

Mania’s Arcania helped a lot more than my own WoW forums search (which only seemed to come up with druid after druid saying “Haha! Huntards!”, aaaw! Did you write that?!) with the full story from Nathaera on the General Forums:

The change to the cast time was reverted to the 1.5 second cast time. The range is still 30 yards. Please note though that the tooltip still reads that it is instant cast, but this is a bug that will be fixed.

Oh well, it was a spell that I rarely used not becoming one that I might use less rarely. I still might target and kill any Tauren druids that cross my path for a few days anyway, just to let them know that cast time isn’t a massive problem. They send our spells to the hospital, we send them to the morgue. That’s how we roll. ;) Only joking. Or am I? :O

Animal terror aside, I finally got round to setting buttons for two pet control macros that I’ve been needing for a while after noticing that the little six-button cluster of keys around PgUp and PgDn were not really doing anything. Instance and raid situations a-go-go!

“Hay-ulp! The Healer has aggro! Kitty to teh rescuez!”

/cast Growl
/cast Dash
/cast Intimidation

“Hay-ulp! A boss is dealing out some mean AoE damage! Run away!”

/cast Dash
/cast Mend Pet

I now have just two slots left for Anj-specific macros! Oh noes!

(photograph by Walmink and shared under a Creative Commons license)

A highlight from Patch 2.4.2 from WoW-Wiki, with thanks to Epic Dolls for making me aware of it in the first place:

Scare Beast: The range on this spell has been increased to 30 yards and it is now instant cast.

There’s nothing else that needs to be said, except maybe that I’ll be going to battlegrounds and looking for the feral druids. /dance.

Yes, it finally arrived and it’s madness, madness I tell you! But what does it mean? Well, for one thing it means that the once-every-thirty-damn-seconds “Whn iz pach 2.4 comeing out?” questions in city chat have been thoroughly nerfed, yay! Also, the Sunwell Isle, the honour changes, the daily quests, the combat log, the… the…

To be honest I’ve barely scratched the surface of the new stuff. I had a brief look at the new island but not for long, as populated as it is entirely expected to be on Day One, and my computer being of the type that gets nervous twitches in Shattrath City, it’s not what you might call a trouble-free experience. Not as bad as I expected though. I had other things on my mind…

Well, first there was the job of resorting all the addons. WoWMatrix updated them all fine, no problems there, although Parrot (my scrolling combat text “of awesomeness” mod) is doing nothing towards displaying the actual combat damage done, and DamageMeters is similarly lackadaisical in its operation which must have something to do with the reworked combat log stuff. I don’t know. I don’t work for Blizzard. Omen, on the other hand, has gone somewhere entirely WEIRD and SCARY! The highly irritating on-screen messages and border flashing when I passed 90% of kitty’s threat were easily disabled before but now, nope. You can disable all warnings but I’m still going to get crap on my screen telling me things I should already know because, being a hunter, keeping an eye on a threat meter is something I’ve become quite accustomed to. Try it, mages. If you have a threat meter, whatever it is, try looking at it once in a while. Thanks. Omen2, you get no milk and cookies until you sort out the mess you’ve made of your otherwise excellent mod.

I like the new notes area for the guild bank, even though I expected a small window to the side of the tab that’s being viewed rather than a wide, bank-sized expanse of space that you can only type something like 500 characters into. I still used it to whole-heartedly tell off every single member of my guild for being the ultimate tight-wad in using the carefully gathered funds for their own repairs without putting anything in themselves.

I don’t like the channel filtering. In a nutshell, to keep myself able to track a guild conversation anywhere, even a city where the nutters reside, I created a new chat window just for guild talk and placed it above the regular chat window. This still works fine, but it seems that every single time I log on (!) I have to open the main chat window options to enable and the disable guild and officer chat just to stop the same text appearing pointlessly in two separate windows. Not happy.

And that’s… the patch. As far as I’ve seen. The day was also filled with doing some alt-work as Girlpants (me) and Bupu (Powdor), two draenei girls hungry for blood and justice, a shaman and priest respectively. Also made a few changes to Anj’s gear set-up, like swapping the Beast Lord Leggings for the PvP pants (for the extra stamina and crit-rate which had been dipping too low, as well as coordinating better with the PvP boots I’m still wearing, and all without even breaking the Beast Lord set(4) bonus, yay!) and spending crazy money on fitting a Stabalised Eternium Scope onto my recently-acquired Lohn’goron, Bow of the Torn-heart which may or may not be a drop in DPS but I’ve wanted to go back to a trusty bow for ages and it is such a beautiful bow.

It is a bee-yootiful bow! I love it and I want to keep it! Daddy! Can I keep it?!

(pretty patch photograph by sheeshoo and is shared under a Creative Commons license)

Primarily thanks to the Epic Dolls podcast, I’ve been hearing about some of the changes coming up for Patch 2.4, the most obvious of which being that the system of estimated honour gain to be calculated at the end of each day is being done away with. This is good in the sense that it’s hard not to develop a very pessimistic view of what honour you’re actually going to get and grind through Alterac Valley a few more times to build up an extra 2,000 ‘safety honour’.

The cloud’s brown lining, should you want to see it, is that I can imagine corpse camping incidents are going to go up several thousand percent. Some people think it’s valid and even fun, but for me it’s definitely in the top three weak and cowardly kills.

Oh, and Magister’s Terrace too. I’m so there.

My usual available WoW slot of 2-5am was taken up today with essential maintenance to apply patch 2.3.3, which is just fabulous. I’m having a hard time wondering how it takes eight hours to do a few bug fixes but, whatever, this looks promising:

  • Some players may notice improved data load times when newly entering the world and after zoning into new areas.
  • Character/NPC load times have been decreased, and now should appear faster. You’re not hearing voices, there really are people in Shattrath!

My poor compuper has a hell of a time coping with Shattrath City, so much so that it’s not even worth going there if it’s not 4am so, let’s see how improved it can get. A barely consistent frame-rate would be nice. That’s all I’m asking for here!

Fingers crossed.

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