Every Alliance fire has been saluted, every Horde fire has been stamped on, flames stolen from four cities… That’s the Festival in the bag for Anj. Throw in earnings of over 500g, a pretty Crown of the Fire Festival to go with the dress and a Brazier of Dancing Flames as a stylish booty-shakin’ companion. Now to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labour, the warmth of the fires and that gorgeous bunting that gets attached to almost every vertical surface.

Dancing flames!

Incidentally, taking the city flames if you’re a night elf hunter: All you’re going to need is Feign Death and Shadowmeld. Mount up and ride into the city as bold as you like. Miss! Dodge! Parry! Should you get dazed and dismounted, hit the FD, wait for the grunts to go back to their posts and come out of that straight into the ‘Meld until the cooldown is up and go again. I went very early in the morning and Orgrimmar was still expected to be problematic but the troubles never came. Turns out there was a big Horde raid going on in Ironforge at the time. That will have taken care of a bunch of players who, as we all know, are notoriously unfooled by amateur dramatics. More fool them, I say!

While we’re being honest, as for the “in the bag” statement, well… There’s still fires at Brill, Booty Bay and Area 52 to do, oh and the Frost Lord because I like having tabards even though the choice is cruel! Red or blue? Blue or red? … OMG! No time for dancin’!