One Night Elf Hunter against a whole world… Of Warcraft. This could get messy. While it does, here’s some things to bear in mind about this blog:

1. There is a very good chance that you will learn nothing from reading this blog. I’m not BigRedKitty although I give him props and trust his judgement. His blog is as useful to a hunter as a ranged weapon, trust me on this.

2. My writing is like a thrown-together Hollywood script, with first draft and then countless rewrites. Or not. It can get very chaotic. You may come here and read a post and then come back to find it’s changed in various, subtle ways. A bit may be added, a bit may be removed, it may have just been tidied up so that at least it makes some kind of coherent sense, this is just the natural order of things. Often the changes will be an improvement, sometimes my brain needs some chronological distance from something in order to get it right. Sleep helps.

3. My headlines will occasionally be, at best, tangential. I like references that only a handful of people are going to get. Be confused, be very confused, but don’t be scared. You’re safe here.

4. I often get the impression when typing something that I’ve said it before, and because I’m so internally-scripted, probably using the exact same words. Sometimes this may actually be true.

5. I’ll add this since I feel I need to. I will often have something happen that will make me think “Ooh, there’s a blog post in that!” but, because I’m lazy, this post might not actually get written for a few days. What will happen is that I’ll just backdate it to when I should have written it so that from a future perspective I don’t look quite so lazy. For a pretty good example, I’ve been meaning to add this explanation for weeks now…

6. There is probably nobody at all reading this other than me. I’m fine with that. All of this is just a way for me to do one of my favourite things which is to string words together. If you are reading this, I’m very surprised you got this far. Thanks though. x

Onwards, HO!