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First Karazhan raid with the guild where All I Need To Do Is Turn Up and omg I have to hurriedly install Ventrilo while we all gather at the meeting stone! I have feared this for ages, mainly given the attitude of people through the medium of text, but it turns out there was no reason to, at least not in this case. I was expecting “fucking fucking fucking” but actually got the politest and, hell, I’m just going to say it, cutest voices ever to be transmitted over an intertext near me, aaaw, just wanted to hug them! And only had to say “Do you wanna just back off the mic a little bit?” once! Powdor had a theory that the censored language is probably due to the possible fact that the parents of these kids being within earshot and, to be honest, I’m all for that. Keep it clean, keep ’em keen.

You’d have to look hard to find a greater supporter of the vocal cuss than me (read up on some selected works of Lenny Bruce for example, that’s where I’m sitting) but it takes on an extra layer of slovenliness when placed in text. And to hear them screamed into a microphone when you’re trying to concentrate killing something? Not for me. This is where it gets weird. To swear like crazy at your monitor when too many mobs pull, a Hordie won’t leave you alone, a tree or some other environmental item blocks your view… whatever, is a reflex thing. The same goes for shouting it into a microphone, and yet to take that reflex and type it out takes a whole other level of energy. I don’t doubt that a certain amount of cusswork was going on behind the scenes but the thing is, none of this was being done while pressing the button that turns the microphone on. I think Powdor was right.

First Karazhan raid with a new guild and omg who’s at the top of the damage meters? Yeah. Reco’nise. And the chance to get a nice “in action” shot framed by some lovely books… I’m there. Incidentally, does it look like I’m being completely irresponsible with aggro on the auld Omen there? Well, not quite. A few people in the party didn’t have the latest version and we witnessed a large number of awry-aggro wipes.

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