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Still no sign of the Truesilver Shafted Arrow, not part of the meta-achievement but I would like it anyway. By contrast, having now had three Lovely Black Dresses, the luck suggested in that achievement is vastly overestimated.

Anj spent eighty Emblems on Heroes’ Cryptstalker Tunic, her first ever piece of Tier armour pushing her unbuffed mana up to 11111. That’s pretty snazzy. Only 38 Emblems needed now for the gloves…

A hit rating of 7.99% required a minor gem-replacement adventure though. How cruel to tease a poor Love Fool with 0.01%! That’s even without points in Focused Aim and Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood equipped, mind you. Throw them in as well and she would be in very real danger of aggroing a boss from the next expansion.

(extra: gaze ye upon the segment of guild chat and wonder what on earth the conversation was about. also: the damage meters. BM ftw!).

winters_newoutfitFinally putting her leatherworking skills to use for personal reasons, a little bit of farming followed by a run to the auction house to spend just over 850g on leather and Eternal Air to make the vast majority of the Eviscerator’s collection. This was the choice: Which is the most fun, farming for hours to slowly gather a huge stack of Heavy Borean Leather or, OR! Blowing a large chunk of money on buying them from others and recouping the money from fun and interesting quests? Of course it’s the latter.

Of course, the old quandary of Defence over Resilience resurfaced, given that the items stack plenty of agility with The PvP Stat in order to stay uncrittable whilst keeping the Dodge rating in check and not bothering with any sort of mucking around in the realms of Parry and Block.

It’s her first major change of outfit since arriving in Northrend, with the exception of some fringe accessories, thanks to small-improvement drops being eschewed in favour of the set bonus of the Merciless Gladiator Outland set and, of course, those gorgeous shoulderpads. The replacements are perilously close to bordering on chunky ugliness, although the rest makes up for it. One guild member’s first reaction was “Woah! Cleavage!” and he got a /slap. ;)

So, there you go, bad points, the shouldergear. Good points, with a minor change of rings, necklace and trinkets, it’s a snazzy all-in-one soloing, tanking and PvP outfit. A test run in normal Utgarde Pinnacle proved to be a crit-free crazy amount of DPS and threat, topping the DPS meters for the first time ever! Now to try heroics, maybe after spending a bit more money on some enchants, perhaps.

Anj would like to confess to her most shameful achievement, nothing to do with recently dashing around low-level regions to boost home city repuatations (for fun, because that’s what achievements can be if you want them to! If they’re a burden, hey, you don’t have to do them!), more like… (ahem)… My Sack is “Gigantique”. Well, you see, now listen, no, just hear me out for a sec… After the bag drop from Obsidian Sanctum, there was only a small number of extra slots needed to have BaudBag display a neat and tidy four rows of 20 slots (not including quiver, mind you).

So with no desire to need the creation of a whole new row, Anj has reached her bagspace cap. Yeah, okay, not since Wintersong of the Shattered Sun has so much money been spent on so little. I am weak. :(

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