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Like an interstellar blast I am back to save the universe.

Alysha’s been sitting around with not much to do recently, partially because of Anj dominating the limelight with her better gear and stuff, but mainly because I found the change to a Affliction/Destruction spec to be just plain boring. So now she’s back to being a walking study of Demonology (with the instant-cast Corruption from the first tier of Affliction and up to Shadowburn in Destruction), it’s time to dust down the robes and get out into the world. Shadowburn is a fun spell, although I’m wondering if it’s worth trading the points from Destruction for the unlikely chance of having drain spells interrupted and Nightfall. We’ll see.

Her gear is pretty good but, it has to be said, only pretty good, the three pieces of the tailoring epic Shadow’s Embrace set being the obvious stand-outs, certainly enough to hold her own in a heroic instance even if she’ll probably not be among the top two damage-dealers (scraping into the top three purely on account of the tank and healer’s other responsibilites). But pfffpht! to that, the first order of business is to frantically start raising enough money to buy an epic flying mount. Having a main that zips about at top speed and then going back to first gear is a pain, taking to the skies for the first time back with Alysha I honestly thought for a few seconds that I’d been Frost Shocked by a passing shaman. I was like, omg? You know?

The good news is that I don’t have to spend that much time doing the dailies (except perhaps for the Shattered Sun Offensive ones because I want the rep) because I have a long string of regular quests to get through and, to be honest, have been very profitable. I wonder how well the business is for gold sellers these days, seriously, just shy of 1000g in two days (not even two days that have seen the vast majority of my waking hours playing either). It’s crazy money, certainly cooking on nothing less than gas, at this rate I think I’ll be in the saddle of a speedy boid within the week. Quite literally: The Woot!

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