Almost a year has passed and all has changed in The House of Anj. Principally, Anj went Marksmanship to support a guild’s running of Trial of the Grand Crusader. Stuck with Beast Mastery until the bitter end but the question had to be asked: “Which do I love the most, the class or the spec?”. Incidentally, totally enjoying Marksmanship.

Winterstar fell a little from the rotation and switched to Balance, firstly because her tanking just wasn’t good enough for the demands of the new LFG tool random parties (“Pull moar ffs!”, *sad panda*), and secondly because Girlpants the enhancement shaman migrated across from the old PvP realm, became Bluesonja, got to level 80 and took up healing, and healing is FUN. Granted, both can get stressy when the poop hits the fan but the added bonus of healing over tanking is, when everything goes crazy, she can stay stood in roughly the same spot.

Bank warlock Cherrytea even got to 80 and has been running daily randoms for the Frosties to sell for nice money. The sort of money that, say, bought Anj a Battered Hilt because she was tired of either not seeing it drop or seeing it drop and someone else winning the roll, and… paying for Anj to switch Herbalism for Engineering and levelling it across two days to enjoy the fun of haste-boosted gloves, not having to rely on others to make Iceblade Arrows, parachute cloaks and ROCKET BOOTS! She had, of course, always been a little distrustful of engineering thanks to her Night Elf roots but could never deny that what she saw with the bio-domes in Netherstorm a few years ago made her realise just how well nature and technology could work together. Plus she can feel smug about finally being able to feign death and ressurect someone. Yay!

Cherry kindly agreed to drop her vague tailoring interest to take up herbalism to keep the flow of plants coming in. What a trooper.

So there you go, the little update. Many raid bosses have perished, guilds have changed (twice, and fellow-hunter guildies have been lectured long and hard about the follies of having their pet stood by their side while kicking bottoms), professions have changed, play-styles have changed. And it’s not long before it all changes again. These are indeed exciting times.

Take THAT, the 28th of February 2009! Ha!