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With an additional fifteen daily quests available per day, and enough quests to amply fill that, anyone with half a mind can be kept busy no matter what their calendar says. But exactly how long would it take to cover all of the daily quests, at least those than can easily be taken solo? An experiment was devised to find out!

After a few brief warm-up exercises in Shattrath, stretches, a few lunges, squat thrusts and the like, the marathon began at 2pm. First quest picked up was the gathering assignment, Gaining The Advantage. This would be ongoing throughout the day but at 16g for collecting 8x Mana Residue and collecting vital ingredients for crafting along the way, this is something of a gift to the lover of professions. Or at least so it seems… We’ll come back to that.

Phase 1: It begins.

First destination, a flight to Nagrand for The Multiphase Survey, ludicrously easy (at least it is when you’re not getting pipped to the post on the orbs of fire by other players with fancy epic flying mounts, grr!) and the first 10g 10s is secured. Without even a pause for breath, the next stop was Zangarmarsh for the fishing excursion, Shrimpin’ Ain’t Easy. A chance to wear my new fishing hat but since it’s Zangarmarsh, no need for a lure! Seven fish reeled in, five of them being the ones I was after, two shrimps contained within each one. Misleading quest name, as it turns out “shrimpin'” is extremely easy.

Quick as a shot back to Shattrath to cash these in, with a Badge of Justice in the reward pouch for Multiphase and just shy of 7g for the fishing. Woop!

Phase 2: Skettis. 00h 25m.

From Old Man Barlo’s patch on the banks of Silmyr Lake, I took my own flying mount as the crow flies to Allerian Stronghold, skimming the ground for herbs on the way. Found a few, no Residues as yet. We’re being patient, there’s nothing to worry about. From Allerian, a dramatic upward turn and in the blink of an eye we’re in the familiar surroundings of the Skyguard Outpost. The two quests here have been covered in this blog before and, to be honest, there’s nothing more to it other than bomb eggs, locate the prisoner, lead him to safety and return to reap the rewards. The cooking quest for the day, Revenge Is Tasty, requires ingredients from around this area too so, you know, while we’re passing and have the bag space…

Phase 3: Ogri’la. 00h 45m.

A free ride from Skettis to the Ogri’la Skyguard Outpost? Well, it would be foolish to go anywhere else next then. Again, the quests up here, The Relics Emanation (9g 10s), Wrangle More Aether Rays! (11g 99s), Bomb Them Again (11g 99s) and Banish More Demons (11g 99s) have been around since the ten-a-day rule and pose no significant problems. I even beat my record of six Fel Cannon Stacks bombed before getting knocked off my mount, bringing it up to twelve! Go me. I was then dismounted in mid-air three times having only bombed one further stack. Don’t go me.

Phase 4: Loose ends. 01h 25m.

From Ogri’la, headed north-east and touched down at Bashir Landing for Intercepting The Mana Cells (10g 10s) and a slight bout of general weirdness to keep things, erm, interesting. The first phasing device I used looked to all intents and purposes like it had worked but I was unable to pick up any of the mana cells. Got the coggy icon and everything, just no bending down to pick them up. Sigh. So I phased out again, killed a few more Ethereals to collect another one and, bingo, we’re back in business. Just me and about twenty-five other players of mixed factions and, wouldn’t you know it, some cheeky blood elf mage tried killing me to get the a cell that I’d spent the time and effort clearing the Phase Wyrms away from. Go to the graveyard, mage, do not pass go, do not collect 200g. I mean, the nerve!

A short trip to Evergrove and taxi flight to Area 52 before heading to Manaforge Coruu, landing at 01h 45m for Sunfury Attack Plans (10g 10s). The Goddess was smiling down on me, first kill, plans, in the bag. Elune be praised! Hearthstone back to Shattrath to cash in a whole bunch of quests. Yay! Now, if only employment in the over-rated Real World(tm) was this easy.

Phase 5: Isle of Quel’Danas. 02h 00m.

Clearly I came here at the wrong time of day. The place was swamped and, as expected, my poor compuper does no like that. Nevertheless we press on, at least as best as we can. Further Conversions (9g 10s) and Arm The Wards! (9g 10s) can be taken together and completed within a minute of each other. No problems there, no massive amount of time spent either. The Battle for Sun’s Reach Armory (9g 10s), being set in a relatively small area, was like a battleground during which I was killed by an undead warlock while trying to deal with two Sunfury Archers. Well. So that’s the rules we’re playing is it? Okay, just as long as I know because if so, that warlock… (points vaguely north-east)… there, has about ten seconds of Not Being A Ghost time left. It was probably the same one, I don’t know. Well, they all look the same with their bad posture and uniformly pig-ugly faces, who can tell? Just don’t get uppity when someone decides to murder one back, m’kay? And, wow, look! It turns out that surprise attacking somebody while they’re fighting something else is remarkably easy. I even ran out of Blackflight Arrows and had to clumsily switch to my stock of Adamantite Stingers midway through.

All that remained here to be able to finally get out of 5fps country was Distraction At The Dead Scar (10g 10s) which, impressively, I totally did in one lap, though only just. I thought I’d missed the last Eredar Sorcerer and would have had a proper miff on if I had to do the whole thing again just for that. Watching him crumble to the floor was such sweet joy. A whole basket of yays and no small amount of hails to the night.

On to Hellfire Peninsula for the final run and we’re done. The only problem was, I had 21 minutes of cooldown time on my hearthstone and I’d be damned if I was going to just sit around waiting for that. Taxi!

Notice how much shorter the trip to the island is as compared to the trip back. Oh, the hilarity when I landed at Nethergarde Keep with just 3mins of hearthstone cooldown left. Damn you all, it was time for a break.

(time passes)

Phase 6: Hellfire Peninsula and The Final Clean-up. 02h 40m.

Blood For Blood (11g 99s) and Blast The Gateway (10g 10s), simultaneous quests mmm I love you. The only thing to keep in mind is to have some demonic blood handy at all times in case you get jumped by a pre-drained elite while bringing down a fire elemental. Oh, and if you see someone else killing a fire elemental, for the love of Elune run towards them and collect a free Living Flame upgrade! The whole thing takes less than ten minutes.

Now all that remained was the gathering of herbs for the Mana Residue. I’d picked a few herbs on my travels but only one residue was forthcoming, one down, seven to go. Terokkar Forest is a favourite area here because I always have a need for Terocone and Felweed. The sad thing is that herb skinning doesn’t seem to count, at least I’ve never had a quest drop from doing it. I’ve never seen anyone ploughing through the forest with a combine harvester but clearly it goes on because eventually I had to move on to Nagrand having found precious few herbs in Terokkar. You know, I did this quest with Powdor the other day, her with her skinning, me with my herbs. She was done in ten minutes! No joke! Well, I suppose by the time I do eventually complete the quest I have more herbs… It’s still not on.

Phase 7: Final hand-in. 03h 30m.

Herbalism plus Mana Residue drop rate equals ridiculous.

A-a-a-a-and relax. Eighteen quests done, a total profit (quest rewards plus junk items sold) of 189g 79s 74c, not even counting a bunch of items sent to Cherrytea for auctioning. The experiment is done! And never again will I do them all in one go.

(photo by dier madrid and shared under a Creative Commons license)

Before the new patch comes out and the number of daily quests doable per day is increased by fifteen, I’m forced to ask myself; do I have the time for more daily quests? Seriously? Okay, I still have the regular quests to go through and will not stop until I’ve done them all (I’m level 70, there’s money to be made and experiences to have, so “boo” to the people that say questing gets boring at the level cap), but here’s my daily quest run-down so far which, mostly, takes place at 2am when the “day” “begins”.

Cooking: Whatever it is, it’s usually pretty easy. Unless I’m sent to Netherstorm to collect mana berries in which case it’s so ludicrously easy it almost feels cruel. To be honest I’m still holding out for the recipe for Kibler’s Bits which hasn’t turned up yet. Kitty loves them so much. Nevertheless, 7g, not a problem.

Skyguard; Skettis: Bombing the eggs is pretty easy and fun, provided I don’t get knocked off my mount by those annoying Kaliri birds. The cooking quest Revenge Is Tasty! goes well here, making the very idea of attracting negative Kaliri attention a more productive act (with the slight downside of eating into my carried stock of delicious, agility-boosting Warp Burgers). Thanks to Cartographer, I have the three spawn points of the prisoner for the daily escort quest marked on the map so it’s just a matter of doing the bombing while flying between these points and hoping that, while doing the escort, that I don’t get killed by a brave, brave Horde player while also dealing with three Skettis minions. Outside that, 20g, in the bag. Thanks!

Ogri’la: Now comes the problematic bit. The Relic’s Emanation requires me to grab an opened envelope (thanks to bills, also seemingly a daily quest, I’m never short of them) and a pen and write down all the sequences after the first four so that I don’t get horribly confused. Memory is a tricky area. Trivial things that happened over ten years ago, not a problem, what I had for breakfast half an hour after eating it, slightly more of a problem. Oh god, I’m senile. The increased speed buff does come in handy later though. Banish More Demons isn’t much of a problem except for that damning moment when a demon falls, dead, to the ground just a split-second after the portal times out. Lovely! The cooking quest for Super Hot Stew cooking quest can be paired up with this one too.

Skyguard; Blade’s Edge: Wrangle More Aether Rays is pretty dull and something that is done as quick as possible just to get it out of the way, and made more annoying by the fact that it’s hard to see what’s going on when there’s a number of aethers tethered behind you. Grr. Bomb Them Again! on the other hand is… a hell of a lot more fun than it used to be. Having spent a couple of weeks following the Thottbot advice of getting to the cannon-stacks on foot, mounting, bombing and then quickly dismounting, this quest had the same level of enjoyment as the Aether debacle. It was slow and painful. However, having started using the 15% speed increase buff (mentioned earlier, remember) to bob and weave, climb and dive through the flak to bomb the stacks while trying to stay mounted and it’s probably the most fun quest in the game. My current record for stack bombed without being shot down is six, although the fun is trying to beat that record. Ha! It’s almost a game in itself!

On top of it all, having the various members of the Skyguard paying me lovely compliments like “Hey, it’s our flying ace Anj!” when I walk past them is so sweet. I love those guys. “I heard Anj isn’t a nugget anymore!” is something that I’m assuming is a Top Gun reference, why! They all are! But I’m not sure. A nugget? Was I ever a nugget? I never felt like a nugget. Nugget?

Then there’s the PvP daily, only if it isn’t Warsong Gulch, and the daily dungeons that can be done if I manage to get myself in a good group, and that’s a day packed full of daily quests. There’s fishing quests a-coming, more on the new island, and others besides! Hay-ulp! How do I find the time? I have a life you know! Ha ha! Okay, that was a joke. No I don’t.

(newspaper bundle pic by Jgregor and shared under a Creative Commons license)
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