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A mad dash for Shattered Sun Offensive reputation with Alysha for the Pendant of Acumen got me to thinking that Anj’s struggle to be invited to Aldor coffee mornings had gone on far too long, so an extended grind for marks became the top priority job of the morning. Now, I’ve had this mad superstition for some time that Aldor rep marks would drop a lot more frequently for a Scryer and vice-versa which… is probably rubbish, but it’s no good fighting it because it’s in my head and no matter how many of them I farmed with Anj I’d always have the suspicion that, had I done the same with Aly, I’d have collected more. Mad.

Either way, it’s kind of a moot point considering that I can farm though mobs a hell of a lot quicker and with greater mana efficiency with Aly anyway, so the first port of call was Illidari Point in Shadowmoon Valley. I can gather marks while giving the new Pendant a test-drive and see how it performs, yeah? Win-win. All was going well until an undead rogue started showing up and ganking me, only while I was in combat with mobs naturally, and there’s no point me doing a good half-hour test when I’m spending some of that time running from the graveyard. We’ll move on.

Death’s Door in Blade’s Edge offered some peace a quiet and, also, slightly better drop rates, so here’s Recount’s report on the frequency of the Arcane Bolt over the duration of one Fel Armor (which, in case you don’t know, is half an hour):

This works out as pretty much exactly a burst of free arcane damage every three minutes which is not bad, certainly better than nothing. And considering it replaced an ages-old quest reward pendant with lower stats, all in all a pretty happy upgrade. Yay.

The true prize however, with 55 Marks of Sargaras and 5 Fel Armaments (together with a further two Fel Arms from the auction house), Anj joined the exclusive club of the Exalted With Aldor and, with almost perfect symmetry, could wrap the Shattered Sun Offensive Pendant of Might around her neck with the sounds of much rejoicing. Having a ranged attack power assisted by Aspect of the Hawk of 1818 is enough to make a poor mob dizzy as it is, throw in the +200rap Aldor Proc and maybe even Skyguard Silver Cross as well and you’re looking at the business end of 2158rap, and from a Beast Mastery girl too! Marksmanship hunters, feel the delicious power…

Oh. OH! I can feel it.

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