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Steamvaults and Mechanar both completed in the last two days, another fragment of Karazhan key as well as the bottom half of the Arcatraz key. Woot, this is crazy progression! Well, it is for me.

Firstly, Steamvaults. Regular questing buddies Ghem and Powdor came along, together with the Night Elf Priest that joined us for the infamous disconnection attempt at Shadow Labs as well as an ex-Guild member from way back when we had less than ten unique players. Given that he’s a balance Druid with full epic gear, for once I wasn’t at the top of the damage meters – not something I’m used to. But Beast Lord Mantle dropped from the last boss, so I was happy enough.

Mechanar completed!Next up, having worked through the introductory quest line for the Arcatraz key during the morning, I quickly signed up to a group of strangers to get through The Mechanar in the evening. Back to the top of the damage meters, I was told I did “really good kiting” for the second boss with the annoying fire elementals and, wooty toot, Beast Lord Helm dropped with no other Hunters around to compete with me on the roll! Yep, I’m pretty happy. I’m getting pretty bored with my PvP gear, not just because it has stamina over attack power (a Good Thing for PvP but for solo and instances I’d rather have more damage) but I need a change of outfit and a drop from purple to blue is good enough given the set bonuses the Beast Lord Armor.

So… yeah. Look at me, movin’ forward.

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