Listed in the small changes of Patch 3.0.9:

Changed the colour of the fissure in the Obsidian Sanctum to be more visually distinct.

Ummm… Do you fancy doing the same for Kill Shot? Is it just me or does that ability seem to require something a little bit more impressive? Most of the time I’m wondering if it has actually been cast at all, having to rely on checking whether the cooldown has been triggered because a high-speed, lower-case “o” just doesn’t cut it for me. How about making it like Arcane Shot but red? That would be nice.

As it stands, a brand-new scratching post for kitty to sharpen her claws on is as much as you can ask from a small stop-gap patch, so who can complain?

In preparation for Patch 3.1 and the removal of consumable ammo, Anj joined in an overpowered Zul’Aman raid purely for the quest “Promises, Promises…” and its 20-slot bag reward. That’s safely in the bank, unlike the Ancient Amani Longbow which was held for a bit, admired for a bit longer, used on a few of Northrend’s creatures just for the fun of it and then exchanged for 10g at a vendor. Anj’s bank already has enough sentimental items, I really don’t think there needs to be another. ;)