Since I’m staying BM, it’s obvious that the current, or should I say “previous”, spec needs some tweaking. I’m going to give this, which I am calling “50/14/7“, a go:

BM, 50/14/7

Sacrifices, sacrifices. Talent points don’t grow on tress, believe me I’ve tried. I went a whole month using only 70 points and planted the one remaining in some fertile soil in the Cenarion Enclave, tending to it regularly with Moonwell water. Nothing.

2 points from Cobra Strikes.

1 point from Beast Mastery. Gusp!

1 point from Go for the Throat, and

3 points from Improved Arcane Shot.

Generous contributions which all get to go into Improved Tracking and Survival Instincts. An extra 5% damage on tracked targets with an extra 4% critical strike chance on Arcane and Steady Shot is hardly going to equalise it with Survival but it’s a start and at least allows me and Anj to continue life with a sense of enjoyment.

Add on the +2% from Focused Fire and 3% from Ferocious Inspiration and that’s an extra 10% damage across the board! Got to be worth a go, hasn’t it? You know? You try. You do what you can.

Training dummies testing, meh. I want to take this to an instance and see what happens.

We’ll survive the DPS crunch, we’ve weathered worse storms than this before! Chin up!