Remember Darkmavis? She was my Death Knight-in-waiting while all the tasty new Hunter and Druid things were chomped on after the release of Lich King. Well, after getting through the start area quests and as far as Shattrath City, she had to be deleted. Wha’? Why?!

Firstly, I was largely confused about her abilities for the first three levels, wasn’t really sure what was going on, specced for Frost without really knowing why and the final quests before going to Stormwind had me going “Huh? What exactly just happened there?”. (a very big thanks to the bloody dwarf that kept spamming party invites and duels while I was trying to listen to the damn dialogue, for Elune’s sake go and stick your head in a pig!)

Secondly, the death knight phone book has more names beginning with “Dark” than any Scottish directory’s chunky “Mc” section, and then it only moves onto an even thicker ream of pages for names beginning with “Death”. I tend to get put off by that kind of hideously populist thinking, so it had to change.

Instead, now there’s Grrlpants. She used to be a shaman, you know. It’s a tragic tale.

So, together with Bluesonja The Other Hunter, there’s four profession slots that need filling with a yearning to learn. The shamanic Girlpants did Mining and Jewelcrafting, and continues to do that as a death knight.

Bluesonja was pencilled in for Engineering from the start but there ain’t no way I’m doing Mining twice, as gathering professions go it’s such a pain in the bum I’m begrudgingly doing it again for (I think) the third time only because I need to. Hey, how about Enchanting? That should be a good one to level from square one, disenchanting quest rewards and replaced items as she travels through the world, shouldn’t it? Obviously there’s the slight problem of being perpetually penniless but, really, who needs wealth when you have rich sisters? ;)

So it’s all going very well. Grrlpants is still at 58 but travelling the world mining to feed two professions (up to mithril at the moment) while Sonja got up to level five to able to at least train professions, then quickly to level ten since a chunk of copper bars got her through the first 75 points of Engineering in about five minutes, and then (omg) to twenty to advance her studies further.

A big “WOOT!” to today’s Patch 3.0.8 discovery, no more need to keep tapping at an ore node until it fades, now you get the full yield in the first go! Yay! That actually makes mining a little more bearable.

So now, throughout all my characters, the only profession that isn’t being touched is Blacksmithing. Meh, I don’t need to blacksmith. Maybe one day.