Currently, with only three slots for Major Glyphs, the essentials to get your average PvE Beast Mastery hunter by in the world come down to:

Glyph of Steady Shot

Glyph of Bestial Wrath

Extra damage from Steady Shots while a Serpent Sting is active and a Bestial Wrath with a cooldown of about seventy seconds when combined with three points in Longevity is a delicious meal you don’t even need to drizzle sauce over. Nom nom nom, yummers, heart glyphs, etc.

However, like any indie band’s “The Difficult Third Album”, this leaves an uneasy choice for that final slot. Glyph of Serpent Sting gives an extra three seconds of the DoT allowing for one extra tick and probably another two Steady Shots before it needs re-applying.

Glyph of Aspect of the Viper, which I am currently using, increases the Aspect’s mana regeneration by 10% which is working quite well, the less time spent in Viper the better, right? That said, an extended Serpent Sting would be good too. Arg! See? Tricky choices.

However, within the grim walls of the forthcoming nerf is this:

And all I can think is, hey, what about Glyph of Arcane Shot?

Since it looks like Arcane Shot is going to be worth taking the time to include into the warp and weft of your shotcloth, a refund of 20% of the mana cost while a sting is active has gots to be good news. I mean, chances are there’s going to be a fair amount of Serpent poison in the mob’s bloodstream anyway and the chance to be kept alert with a slightly more complicated rotation is good news for anyone who, like me, gets bored with mainly using just the one button but loves the BM spec too much to go for Marksmanship.

The question is, would the total mana savings from this glyph outweigh the extra mana-gain from GoAotV over the course of a full mana bar? Arcane Shot is by no means cheap to cast, even semi-regular use is guaranteed to get you OOM a hell of a lot quicker without it.

Hmmm. This needs tests! Science again! I said science again!