It is, of course, naive to base the output of damage purely on the number of epics a player has, suffice to say that the other two DPS members of this party to heroic Halls of Lightning had about 75% of slots filled with epics compared to Anj’s single Pendant of the Outcast Hero and crafted stroke quest blues, hit cap and delicious Beat Mastery. So, you know, if you wanted to make that argument Epixxxor Obsessives, there’s the details.


That’s just an insane gap, and I wasn’t even playing super-perfectly myself because, hey, I never do! A few Serpent Stings and Kill Shots were missed and the usual, albeit very occasional but nontheless embarrassing “Oh hells, I’m still using Viper!” moments. The warrior gained a fair second place from the number of wipes we endured during Loken where he was the last one standing, in fact for the bosses eventual fall, it was just tank and healer for the last twenty-or-so percent.

A conversation before Lich King arrived with a roguey friend revealed that I hoped the damage meters would become a little less predictable with the host of new talents coming up and maybe after the nerf that will be the case. Have I said that before? It feels like I’ve said that before. And that. Oh dear, I’m getting stuck in a loop…

The point is, no I’m not perfect and I will forever be far from it, but I still put work into the damage I do, blood, sweat and tears, y’alls, and to be honest I’m more than a little tired of that work being brushed off as “Bah, hunters are OP!”.

I remain without fear of The Nerf Stick and may be tempted to add, “Bring it on”.


ps. Been testing out 2/2 Invigoration and, although I have no detailed breakdown of the figures, it feels like it shows a greater ability to stave off needing to switch to Viper than 5/5 Efficiency did. Vaguely-scientific tests continue…