Time for Bullet News(tm)!

  • Winters hit level 80 gathering bits of firewood in Zul’Drak. She is reported as saying: “They put up quite a fight!”
  • Anj has boosted her gear supported by Winterstar’s leatherworking habit. Razorstrike Breastplate, Eaglebane Bracers and Dragonstompers together with Belt of Tasselled Lanterns gemmed for +16 hit rating from the auction house and she might start doing a little better in the next heroic.
  • It still hurts Anj a little that Kurzel’s Rage, a ring she still needs to get from a pretty simple quest in Drak’tharon Keep, trumps Violet Signet of the Master Assassin with ludicrous ease. Badge gear can come and go but, dammit, she had to run Karazhan to exalted for that ring!
  • Although not started yet, the name for Next Hunter has been chosen. She is Bluesonja because she’s Draenic and… blue. But, you know, way better than the film
  • OMG! Getting the link for Red Sonja and I find out that “they” are remaking Red Sonja! Oh this I have to see. /gasp! I predict a train-wreck, as much as recent Hollywood output has made that statement like going to a road and predicting cars.
  • This might even need a rethink on the whole ‘Bluesonja’ idea. I mean, these things need chronological distance…
  • Dammit Hollywood, why must you ruin everything?!

Pew pew!