OKAY! Things that reeeeally get on my nerves in guild chat, while we’re on the subject. Yeah, okay, so we weren’t really on the subject but, pow! We are now!

Hey guys! What is [item] worth?

It’s worth exactly the same as what everything else is worth, which is precisely what someone is willing to pay for it! Check the AH! See what the going price is! Because, you know, these things change!

Which is best, [item a] or [item b]?

Grr! I don’t know. What are your stats like? One of those items has a lot of crit, are you okay for crit or would you prefer haste? Hey, listen, RatingBuster is a mere download away. Pff! One time, and I swear this is true, someone asked which to get out of the available colours for the Shadowmoon Valley epic flying mounts! Oh. My. God! Are your decision-making abilities that poor?!

There’s also a couple of things about EU-Bloodhoof that irk me for varying degrees of validity. The first and, okay, least worthy is “bio”. You don’t say you’re away for a quick wee, nor do you say you need a WC break or any number of far cruder sayings. You say: “Sec guys, quick bio”! And I’m like, what, you need a yoghurt?

Someone once said that “bio” is a nicer phrase which of course only applies if you’re a robot in some kind of Bicentennial Man scenario where everything has to be uncomfortably clinical and made of chrome. You are not soap powder. Shut up.

The next one is less a mild semantic disagreement and more… idiotic. THE LOOT SYSTEM!

Now, you see, growing up on Talnivarr, when we did an instance and loot dropped from bosses, if we needed it we clicked “Need”, if we didn’t we went for “Greed” and it made sense because Blizzard had programmed something to allow for such occasions. Bloodhoof, on the other hand, sees the greed icon as being a pointless addition and instead opts for a Need or Pass approach.

Let’s say you have an enchanter in your group. Loot drops and if someone needs it they click Need, those who don’t click Pass and the enchanter clicks Greed. Whatever the requirements of the group, if no-one needs it the enchanter gets the item, disenchants it and at the end we all roll for the shard. So far so good, not perfect but doable.

So what if you don’t have an enchanter in your group, like most of the time? Well, the needers click Need and everyone else passes, if no-one needs it we all have to look gormless at each other for a few seconds and then roll again! Yeah!

Consider this: There’s an enchanter in the group, loot drops and everyone makes their choice except the enchanter who watches the chat window to see what people have rolled. If everyone clicks Greed, they click Need, otherwise they click Greed.I’ve seen it working with my own eyes, I swear to Elune!

So… you know. Sometimes… sometimes I just get cross and… you know. I’m fine, really. Happy place. I think I need to lie down. For a bit. I blame work.

(image by StickBus and is shared under a Creative Commons license. This post takes the record for the longest time spent sat in my Drafts pile).