Anj was invited with friends to try her hand at a heroic instance, despite being pretty undergeared for such adventures. First was The Violet Hold which failed at the second boss, followed by Utgarde Pinnacle which… failed at the second boss. Never mind, the Emblems will be mine! Yoink!

Still tweaking with level cap talents, currently one point in Go for the Throat and one in Rapid Killing which may switch to both in GftT since her current crit rate is quite low and the super-low Bestial Wrath cooldown with full Efficiency is working wonders for mana conservation.

The Lich King overhaul for hunters opens up all kinds of questions for the talents though. With Lick Your Wounds and Heart Of The Phoenix on my instance/raid kitty, are two points in Improved Mend Pet really that necessary? There’s one there and one in Improved Revive Pet at the moment for tier-progression filler, but is it better to put them in Improved Aspect of the Hawk despite the fact that it never seems to proc when it’s most needed and is almost guaranteed to treat you to faster shot speed only when any mob is below 10% health?

So the proposal looks like this:


Dealing with the big issues of the day, the preference debate over Careful or Focused Aim is raging like wildfire through the halls of the Hunter Academy, at least in the Beast Mastery Wing where Marksmanship points have to be carefully chosen. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll get the +hit rating from gear no problem but extra attack power from Intellect, Mighty Thought Elixirs and mage buffs? Woo! Easy choice, really.

Hm. There’s work to be done. Yeah, there’s still a small questy element in there, Thick Hide. I know. Grilla and Volley, what can I say?