The most recent ding put Winterstar equal with Anj on mighty level seventy-eight and with lots of my friends already on eighty, does this bother me? Not a jot. I mean, first of all, I’m pretty happy with how long The Levelling of Anj and Winters Together has lasted – seriously, I expected one to take over the other at some point and remain sufficiently more interesting to keep the gap growing but, hey, I’ve shown an uncharacteristic amount of discipline.

Anyway, the new expansion isn’t even two months old yet, between now and the next expansion I don’t think time is going to be an issue, going at a moderate to brisk pace and enjoying the levelling process in the meantime is hardly going to break the bank. Winters has only just begun questing in Sholazar Basin and that’s the furthest either of the sisters have travelled so far, having been diligently working through the quests in Borean Tundra, Howling Fjord, Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills.

Of course, the benefits of having level eighty friends is the ease at which I can get invites to the level cap instances which you wouldn’t think is that big a deal but there’s far too many people obsessed with keeping everything easy-mode and afraid of anything even remotely challenging, you’re either over-geared or not invited. Psh. Kids. Just because they ain’t a God Mode. This is my theory and I’m sticking with it. :p

Anj has taken part in The Culling of Stratholme and also Utgarde Pinnacle, the first of which continued her unbroken experience of having no useful hunter drops, at least until Trophy Gatherer dropped in the latter. We all know how excited Anj gets about shiny new bows, despite the fact that the selling of her old pointy stick launcher has left a -20 Hit Cap deficit. Well at least it’s a round number, one has to expect stat fluctuations while gearing up. It’s par for the course!

Notable also was the Gilded Ringmail Hauberk quest reward from Junk In My Trunk which replaced Scaled Drakeskin Chestguard, the first of Anj’s two hundred-badge items from Outland to be put to pasture.

Onwards, quite literally, HO!