With regard to this post about how hunters are doing too much damage and need to be taken down a notch or two, well, as much as it’s an overused phrase I’m gonna come right out and say it. Meh.

There have been a number of occasions, going through the Recount damage reports after an instance, where I have felt just a little bit guilty about the amount of damage myself and particularly my pet has been doing so I kinda saw it coming.

Winters would also like to add that hunters that she has tanked for that have used nothing but Volley are deeply annoying and, to be honest, she’s glad of it. The good hunters will roll with the punch, adjust their play style and still top the bill, overkill and find the will to carry on.

The huntards on the other hand, go and stand in the Moaning Corner where you can find all the accessories you need to bitch, whine and complain but for the love of Elune don’t ever change the way you do things.