Anj hit seventy-five mere metres into Drak’Tharon Keep, had to wait the whole instance to get her delicious new powerrrs but, on the plus side, managed to finally pop the talent point for Aimed Shot and equip that Mighty Alchemist’s Stone that’s been hanging around in the bagspace for about three levels now.

Dalaran was explored for a bit, eyes wide with wonder, before exiting avec Skyguard Drape via the sewer outlet to the land below. Because for “Red Mist” Anj, harpoon-surfing just wasn’t enough.

Whirlwind adventures aside, it was time to get back to the pencilled-in plan of One Level Anj, One Level Winters, and move my poor, lagging druid up from seventy-two and finally putting Borean Tundra to bed in the process. The “Nothing Boring About Borean” achievement was gained even though, to be honest, the zone started to get a bit, well, boring.

Well, okay, patchy in its look to the point of schizophrenia, although there were some good quests in there it is hard not to compare it unfavourably to Howling Fjord. I’m just sayin’. On to Dragonblight and Grizzly Hills, the latter of which not only reminds of a park close to where I live, but is also most notable for Doing Your Duty, perhaps her most grim adventure so far.

However, I’ve been thinking of doing something recently that seems to come at some point to all staunchly proud hunters while being completely misunderstood by the other (lesser) classes. It’s time to… Roll another hunter! *Fanfare!* There are reasons for this, these being:

  • I want a Draenei one.
  • I’m not leaving Beast Mastery for Anj (love it too much, for serious, have done since level ten), and want to try out the Survival or Marksmanship trees.
  • I want to have a character that begins at level one with a completely fresh achievements sheet, just to see how it goes.
  • There are no plans to muster up the motivation needed to continue levelling my rogue so she remains on The Old Realm keeping her engineering with her. I need a new engineer.
  • I suppose it’s possible to have too many hunters but, honestly, has anyone ever found that limit? ;)

And also, perhaps the one that will most determine exactly how long it will be until this project actually begins:

  • Heirloom items! Kitted out to the nines from square one onwards! Woo!

I just need ideas for her name, so if you have any suggestions I’ll be happy to be the judge of them.

I should add that simple ground-rule that the name should be a pretty standalone affair, no references to race, class, spec, professions, role or level, nor should it use any šþêçïäl characters to get around the name already being taken, thereby annoying the hell out of anyone who wants to whisper or invite me.