Partly because it’s useful to me to have these things stored away somewhere safe for future use and partly because I have to believe someone else is interested in OCD-level love for tidy UI setups, here’s the latest new look for the new continent.

Although updated at first, SpartanUI fell out of working order when a new version of Bartender4 came out and hasn’t been touched since, leaving my bar positions to get reset to a default whenever I logged in or changed zone. Can’t really blame the developers, there’s Northrend to explore and levelling to 80 to get done, no-one gets slapped wrists from me at least for putting add-on management lower down on the list of priorities.

Stripping away the Spartan and using a self-modified Bartender layout together with a tip-off from BRK‘s list of add-on links for SexyMap, I have something even more clutter free than before. And with scrumptious rotating runes around the map, it’s all very pretty.

Two things I really miss from Spartan: The pressing Y to toggle the size of the main chat window and the AFK SpinCam. Every cake needs sprinkles and I can’t help but feel that I’m missing out on a few candied hearts and flowers there.