Well, it’s just amazing. That’s all.

This post has been restarted about three times and on each occasion threatened to run into several PageDowns listing the minutiae of every tiny point of awesome. Anj stepped of the boat in the Fjord and was almost immediately thrown into an ongoing siege of overdosed testosterone not entirely unlike a pub rioting after the news that Dumpy’s Rusty Nuts have gone acoustic. Winterstar’s Outland reputation preceded her on arrival in Borean Tundra and was graciously allowed to skip the recruitment queue and has since been hip-deep in bits of dead Scourge.

I think a little more time is needed before I can feel comfortable with casually mentioning the details of exactly why everything is so great, but here’s a few things:

Utgarde Keep is dirty and violent, The Nexus is floaty and ethereal (although this one is highest on my list to do again since the first time I was a little too tipsy to really notice the details), but Azjol-Nerub is by turns staggeringly beautiful and downright terrifying. For serious. Enjoy the jump-off though, wiping on the last boss has a silver lining.

Hunters will want to have a /hug ready when they visit their trainer at seventy-one. And that’s just level seventy-one! *giddy*!

There’s whisperings amongst the denizens of Sporeggar about a trip to Northrend to sort out, with violence if necessary, the issue of Just “Who Is The Cutest Faction Around Here Anyway?” with The Kalu’ak. Aaaw! Look at the bless ’ems with their plummy British accents! ^.^

The quest Flight of the Wintergarde Defender seems to have a reputation of being stupid and totally annoying but, for the record, I loved it. I recommend you look out for it and draw your own conclusions. It’s in Dragonblight, by the way.

Anj’s bow and Winters’ staff were replaced within three quests. Haste and armour penetration are becoming popular stats by the looks of it. The dirty, battle-hardened look of the gear as compared to the clean and shiny Outland stuff is shaping up very well indeed.

I think that should do it. Fow now. Happy hunting! :)