No midnight openings of the local games store in my little backwater, podunk town so now I’m at the mercy of the Royal Mail and the Thread Bridge O’er the Chasm of Disappointment. My glass is half-full. Seriously, I have to go to work today and I am going to be spending it with a seriously wide miff on if Teh Post lets me down, y’know? You don’t even want to be near me.

So let’s have a look at how Anj managed to finish off her adventures in Outland and forty-eight days at level 70, featuring the collection of gear that may be granted the status of “interestingly obsolete” a year from now…

Anj's final BC stats

Left side: Beast Lord Helm, Shattered Sun Pendant of Might, Beast Lord Mantle*, Blood Knight War Cloak, Scaled Drakeskin Chestguard and Vindicator’s Chain Bracers.

* for keeping the trap-cooldown set bonus and, also, because they were still better than the supposedly “epic” Beastmaw Pauldrons.

Right side: Gloves of Quickening, Guardian’s Chain Girdle, Leggings of the Pursuit, Vindicator’s Chain Sabatons, Angelista’s Revenge, Violet Signet of the Master Assassin, Assassin’s Alchemist Stone, Skyguard Silver Cross.

Weapons: Gladiator’s Painsaw, Skyfire Hawk-bow. Plus Sonic Spear, Girdle of Ferocity, Bloodlust Brooch and Bladefist’s Breadth for raid and stroke or instance swapsies.

Still no sign of the post in the time it took to link all of that. Hrmph. Anj waits on the Menethil Harbor docks growing increasingly impatient.

(added: Literally as I typed that last full stop came the noise of the post. Sounded heavy too! Weee! What the HELL am I typing THIS for when it’s been sitting there for nearly seven seconds now?! Go go go!)