Two places to start in Northrend, and two hardcore women to level. This creates the question, who starts where? Only a /roll can decide!

Being the eldest, Anj gets the roll. Odd number is Borean Tundra, even is Howling Fjord. I know pretty much nothing about the details of these zones in my near-perfect ignorance of the content of the expansion. Okay, so here goes…

Anj rolls 46.

Howling Fjord it is for Anj, Winterstar gets the Tundra. So as far as I know, at bedtime on Wednesday, Anj needs to be positioned at Menethil Harbour before log-out, while Winters gets the easier job of just being at the Stormwind docks.

I’m going to try and level them both simultaneously, although the thing I want to do first of all, before anything else, is get a group together for the first instance. Winters can tank, although there’s Ghem the Draenai Warrior in my little friend group who is going to want to do some tanking too, ideal for when Anj wants a crack at the instance whip.

Oh. My. Goddesses. This is so exciting!