Wages day came and fifteen pounds were immediately set aside for airlifting Alysha out of PvP Realm Hell (stop your thoughts right now PvP realmers, you know you’re living a lie) onto Bloodhoof with her half-sisters. It is, let’s face it, a crazy price for a realm-shift. :p

So, yeah, okay, the name Alysha was already taken so, given that she’s a low-priority levelling character, she took the name of my Talnivarr bank-alt to do the dance of the multitasking-roles between getting to eighty (eventually) and sorting out the all-important auctions. Yes, she arrived with Original Cherry’s lavender shirt and tuxedo jacket and pants outfit in the bags. Gots to look the part, innit?

Main reason for bringing her across the dimensional rift was because she’s taken up Inscription and really needs Anj’s herbalism to keep them studies going. Apparently it’s really expensive to level, although I can’t think why. I suppose I’m going to find out pretty soon…