My iGoogle homepage countdown trinket says quite clearly that there’s just six days until “a whole new world”, I’m unable to book the day off work for some bloody reason but will have the weekend and early half of the following week off to enjoy the sights, sounds and, maybe with a Collector’s Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Edition, smells of this Northrend place. The order has been placed, woe betide the mail-order company who shall remain nameless that doesn’t have it on my doormat on the morning of the 13th. But I digress…

For now though, all play time is governed by the denial of anything happening at all and getting on with Those Important Jobs that need Doing Right. It’s either that or standing around in Shattrath really, and just where is the fun in that?

Being exalted with The Violet Eye and not seeing the bow drop from Malchezaar ever, a crazy-fast run of Shattered Halls (seemingly the evergreen heroique du jour on Bloodhoof recently) with a Hyjal-geared paladin tank bagged Anj the Skyfire Hawk-Bow. Similar, but not strictly as nice looking as the Sunfury, it does have the one stat that I really need and have been tragically neglecting in the quest for crazy critical strikes, hit rating.

Add two Great Lionseye gems pushed into shiny new Leggings of the Pursuit and extra space made in Anj’s official Tyrande Whisperwind lunchbox for a stock of Spicy Hot Talbuks, in the short space of half an hour, her hit rating had more or less quadrupled, in fact, with a good ten seconds of eating tasty talbuk meat, the hit-cap is slightly exceeded. Miss something? Not today, sweetheart! Okay, the Stabilized Eternium Scope on top of the gems gave the whole kit’n’kaboodle a total bill of almost 1000g but, hey, it’s only money isn’t it?

I even logged into my orc hunter for a few minutes purely to get a look at the new Lady Sylvanas Windrunner in Undercity and it has to be said she looks incredible. That armour set she’s wearing? Want it so bad. Call it tier whatever the hell you like, it shall be mine. I’d even break the habit of a lifetime and show my cloak if it had the same torn, raggedy edges. It almost makes up for the fact that she’s the leader of a crybaby race with a chip on their shoulder a mile wide, doesn’t it?