T minus seven days a-a-and counting…

Anj's BC reputation

Hmm, it’s not a bad turn-out really. Honor Hold maxed out last night, with one of the only two non-painful heroic PuG runs I’ve been a part of since The Great Nerf, leaving the problem of that exalted gun being all very nice in stat-power except for the fact that it’s a gun and not a great-looking one at that. Damn Thrallmar bow, Blizzard weapon-racists. :p

I forgot the “riddle” in the hubbub of being investigated by trading standards over the use of the word “riddle”. It was daylight savings time that did the bug-fix. What? Clearly you’ve never been handing in daily quests close to the deadline and had to put up with the hour of dead time where all you’re told is:

New day begins in .

There’s six months of that whole thing working properly before the needs of farmers knocks it all out of line again. Because you know Blizzards sure ain’t gon’ be sortin’ it out. They’re too busy being weapons-racists. :p