With Winters taking much of the limelight pre-patch, what with the exciting level-cap gear adventures, post-patch is pretty much all Anj. Who wouldn’t love to be a hunter with the world of possibility that’s opened up ready for the voyage to the north? Crazy people, that’s who.

The hunters are easy to spot these days, beast mastery ones at least. They’re the ones that walk around with the vaguely annoying *thud* *thud* *thud* of a core hound following them. This is, apparently, the rule, if you haven’t tamed and named a big fiery dog within five seconds of clicking that 51st talent point then you have to turn in your account.

Ever the one to break the rules, Anj does not have a core hound. In fact, with the exception of a devilsaur that was tamed for fun and then abandoned shortly after the patch release, she doesn’t even have an exotic pet choosing instead to find more usefulness in the extra four pet talent points alone.

New additions to the family are Grumblecakes, a Skymane Gorilla from the small island off the east coast of Stranglethorn Vale. The simple method of levelling up and practising / having fun with AoE farming techniques has boosted Anj to exalted status with Kurenai and The Consortium. Slightly more fun with Consortium since the Zaxxis Raiders that drop the rep-giving Insignia are a little denser in population than the ogres allowing up to seven of them being tanked at a time with minimum fuss. Thunderstomp plus Misdirection plus Volley, nom nom nom.

Also, to try out the Cunning tree, meet BabyChaos the spore bat! Haven’t seen anyone else with one of these on my travels so far which is strange given the Spore Cloud talent which is like having your own personal Faerie Fire! She’s been tried a little in instances which has been fairly successful, but probably more effective in PvP leaving pure-kitty-DPS for the PvE. She goes well with the Tiny Sporebat non-compat pet though.

This macro has proven to be incredibly useful:

/cast [pet:Gorilla] Thunderstomp; [pet:Sporebat] Spore Cloud; [pet:Cat] Rabid

Have it bound to an easy-to-reach key and enjoy fuss-free pet control, whatever the weather!