Wintersong of Talnivarr became Winterstar of Bloodhoof, torn through the dimensional rift from a PvP to a PvE realm. Life, quoth Winters, is pretty peachy, and first impressions of the realm actually appear to be more mature (even in the Trade Channel!). This is, obviously, keeping in mind that this is still an online game and John Gabriel’s theory has tentacles that extend everywhere!

A warm, civilised exchange of greetings ‘twixt a Horde party and ours at the Coilfang Reservoir meeting stone was such sweet joy, the first Alterac Valley I joined looked to be one of the proper, old-school long ones and Horde had started the air-strikes (hopefully not just a lucky one-off) and, what’s this? K’iru’s Song of Victory as a permanent buff on Quel’Danas? I have literally never seen that before!

Postcard to Anj: “Having a great time, everyone is so nice. Wish you were here, seriously, WISH you were here. Get over here!”.