The fact that, apparently, all gear becomes “moot” when this Lichy King turns up and starts throwing his weight around, it doesn’t stop the fact that Anj has fifty Badges of Justice in her bag that are, for now, going nowhere. And she’s been cooing like a little girl at the Angelista’s Revenge ring that Smith Hauthaa is offering in exchange for sixty of them.

A pretty easy dance through the daily heroic Botanica popped the figure up to fifty-seven, that left a simple LFG HC Ramparts to cover the cost. Well, that went nowhere so, in frustration, off she went to do some Shattered Sun dailies. Blast The Gateway and Sunfury Attack Plans both had packages that contained a BoJu – omg! – it would be silly to resist taking Maintaining The Sunwell Portal for the “Three The Easy Way” gamble.

A-a-a-and what do you know, one more package led to one more badge which then led to about ten minutes of dancing and a trip to Quel’Danas. Yay!

Botanica also bagged a shiny pair of Boots of the Endless Hunt which, while being a pretty major stats-drop from the PvP footwear, solves the long-standing problem of having (gusp!) a horribly mismatched outfit below the knees. Seriously, it’s bugged me for far too long, I’ll happily take the stat-reduction. Garcon! Cat’s Swiftness and a bottle of Silverwine please, and make it snappy!