Time for another episode of “Let’s Have A Look At Your UI, Then”!

Finally. Finally. And thrice, finally, SpartanUI has been given some update lovin’ by Ansu and, it seems, his newly acquired minions. Given that the buff-displaying shortfalls of the original v2 caused me to delve into the wonders of Satrina’s Buff and Unit Frames, the most pleasing new feature is the ability to turn off the display of party portraits and vital stats at the bottom of the screen.

The Unit Frames have since been replaced by X-Perl for the extra prettiness (and, let’s be honest, clearer visibility of my own mob debuffs) so Spartan’s repeated information isn’t needed. Seriously, I was going to write a forum post asking if such a thing was possible to implement, but turned out to be giddy like a pig on smack to find I didn’t need to.

A blood elf mage just isn't ready for this jelly. Arrows are too hurtylicious.

Sadly, for some reason which I expect is a good one but haven’t bothered to find out about, the tall quest and crafting logs of Old Spartan have gone and, quite by surprise, I was thrust back into the long-forgotten world of the default WoW, 640×480 offchance editions. I’m still dabbling with replacements as I can’t seem to find DoubleWide any more although Bayi’s Extended Questlog is okay, I suppose… Skillet on the other hand needs replacing for the overcomplicating nature of bells ‘n’ whistles extraneous to my requirements.

Okay, so the grand dream of clearing up screen space that Spartan offered has, by personal preference, been lost but it’s always been the tidy layout and the action bars that I’ve liked it most for. That’s still safe! The current quandary concerns the whole-raid health bars in the bottom-right quarter. Do I need really need them? Really really? I think they’ll be disabled soon.

Coming in as part of a mass WoW Matrix add-on update was the x-Perl HUD display, not nearly pretty enough for my likings and prompting a fun encounter with MetaHUD in the centre there. A fancy throwback to the heady days of Top Gun and surprisingly useful for keeping the health of myself and my target not too far away from Omen which, come raid-time, needs to be constantly monitored (yes, the warnings are off). Plus, a minor shift of the scroll areas for MSBT means that all the stuff I might ever need to know (save for, perhaps, the colour of the off-tank’s pants) beautifully hugs the parentheses I’m now regularly encased in, which is nicely understated I think. It’s like, oh, by the way, there’s me as well. Brackets are the new black this autumn.

Now sit back, grab yourself a drink and watch it all crumble like a house of cards when Lich King arrives and inexplicably changes everything.