Over at Aspect of the Hare, Pike has been showin’ off her messy bank contents with the gauntlet thrown down for others to do the same. Given my inate fondness for looking at people’s bookcases, CD collections or work areas, anything that says more about the personality of the owner than a mere “What are you doing in my house? I’m going to call the police,” could ever do, I’m hardly going to pass-up the opportunity to join in.

It’s been “organised” recently but still, being a feral druid with a number of different costumes, a lot of items are kept long after the usual Vendor Time on the grounds of “just in case”. The top two rows are just that, including a bunch of Idols (none of which so far have proved more useful than Idol of the Wild from level 61), and some fancy dress items like witchy hats for Hallow’s End and the bottom half of that foxy Balance outfit from Zul’Farrak as a reminder to one day go back and get the top half.

Further down, one item of Merciless Gladiator set stored so as not to break the set-bonus of the Dragonhide Battlegear, potions, leathers – nothing truly amazing there – then the trinkets. Couple of healing ones on the left, DPS and random on the right. Carrot on a Stick, I kicked myself that I threw that out with Anj so that reason alone keeps it here for Winters.

Righteous Weapon Coating, I’ve sold many more of these than I have kept but, even so, if I go to Magister’s Terrace any day soon you can guarantee that I’ll forget to take them. Next up is some Primal Mights, stored for the last piece of the Primal Intent set, a few overstocks of her favourite foods and materials awaiting some more Heavy Knothide for Anj’s 24-slot Quiver (finally coming soon).

Row eight, a Harvest Festival item that creates food, non-combat pets (Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling is the current companion du jour) followed by a few misc items and tabards (only guild and Competitor’s, the Cenarion one goes so well with the tanking outfit so stays in the carry-on luggage), a few collectibles and then the staves! Every feral attack power staff that Winters has carried and since upgraded since arriving in Outland is here and, if I keep nothing else, I intend to keep hold of these. So far: Ursol’s Claw, Staff of Beasts, Dreamer’s Dragonstaff and Braxxis’ Staff of Slumber.

A few more collectibles (old school, gusp!), the unsurprising battleground marks (see the six Warsong Gulch ones? Yep, that’s the lifetime collection so far), drums and saving the final row for a bit more clothing and my beloved, fluctuating Badge of Justice stack followed by Brewfest Tokens.

Up next… Anj. And you thought this one was a mess…