I’m not exactly sure of the month that I first created Wintersong so whether it is her birthday (or thereabouts) or not I couldn’t really say. The earliest post that mentions her was 16th January where she was skipping up to level 30 after a long period of inactivity so, who knows, it could well be. But I digress…

Anzu was respectably pwned on the second attempt and Swift Flight Form is in the bag. Yay! All in all, life has been good to Winters recently. I can only thank the person that, a few days ago, put Staff of Natural Fury on the auction house for 700g. Having seen it a few times before in the closer to the region of 1300g, it was either very charitable or amazingly misjudged on their part but, again, thanks all the same. You could hear the “YOINK!” from Booty Bay.

Finally getting to exalted with the Cenarion Expedition via a heroic Steamvaults run yesterday bagged the mean-looking Earthwarden, and the badges gained from that same run went towards a Ring of Unyielding Force. Then today, a pleasantly surprising drop of Tree-Mender’s Belt in the heroic Hellfire Ramparts replaced Manimal’s Cinch, bidding a fond adieu to the last of my green-quality tanking items.

Throw in the Midnight Legguards from more heroic adventures in Slave Pens, crafted Primalstrike Vest and Empty Mug of Direbrew from the Brewfest event boss, and her Cat Form wardrobe hasn’t done too badly either.

All that’s missing is the cake but, since Brewfest is on, booze will make an ideal substitute. Staggering around instances while smashed off her Bear Form face for the reduction of target level is not only fun but remarkably rewarding.