Looking after Bupu’s son after school while she was waylaid at work today, I was watching him have fun in the battlegrounds whilst suggesting that, perhaps, he could do with levelling his hunter to 29 rather than staying at 23, if only to make life a little easier for him. Fun explanations of what twinks are and trying to remember Pike’s recent Levelling A Hunter guides about what abilities he would get over the next six levels to maybe sweeten the deal ensued.

The phone rang, he answered it, there was a string of “Yeah” and “I know” and “No”, the basic short answers you’re likely to get from a twelve-year-old, followed by “She wants to speak to you”. Okay I said, taking the phone.

“You’re playing WoW?”.

Yeah, just giving him a few pointers here and there.

“Mmm. I was wondering if you could have a word with him”.

Sure, what about?

“He seems to think he doesn’t need his pet”.


“Yeah, he was asking how to dismiss him, saying that he never did anything”.


“I know! I’ve only ever got a hunter to level 10 and even I know a hunter without a pet is like not having an arm!”

Oh god…

“So… You know, if you could just maybe explain it to him”.

Okay I will. See you soon!

Phone goes down, head buried in hands. We worked through a few modules in Getting Send Pet bound to a key, using Hunter’s Mark, the talent trees and, most importantly, the always-on and often-ignored damage that his pet is doing when he’s not shooting at someone.

Of course, he’s never being that much into questing (Girlpants was originally created to help in the early days before he got bored and moved on to the delights of Nintendo Wii), he asked me if I could get him to 29 which I’d be happy to do but… Well people have the way they assign buttons to things and that’s what they get used to but Oh Em Gee, you’ve never seen any seasoned level 70 hunter having so many troubles getting things to die.

Fun times.

(photograph by phxpma and shared under a Creative Commons license)