Inbetween doing a circus-standard, mad balancing act with defence, dodge and stamina for Winters’ tanking wardrobe recently I finally found the time and motivation to get Rebirth and Innervate bound to focus macros. Yep, I’m lazy. But here’s the thing, when testing the Rebirth out I was told I was lacking any Flintweed Seed. Flintweed Seed? WTH?! Turns out that from first getting the ability to level 70, I’ve only ever been using Rank 1.

/target self


The only thing that saves this from being the level of Ultimate Epic Fail is perhaps the fact that, as a tank, I’ve only had the cause to use the ability about five times my entire life. Definitely no more than ten, and most of them being outside instances “just because it was there and hardly ever got used”. Two occasions spring to mind though:

  1. In Sethekk Halls. Mega-healer Bupu died on the last boss and since we were all safely behind a pillar getting ready for the AoE, I had the chance to bring her back to life. I cast, she returned and within half a second was instantly killed by the AoE. Yeah, it was quite funny, in a way.
  2. In Shattered Halls. Again, the last boss and Bupu was cruelly relieved of the ability to stand up. I had a full health bar, a quick Barksin, Rebirth and back to bear form was entirely possible. Once again Bups returned to her mortal coil and was killed halfway through her first self-heal by Bladefist’s annoying rushy-about trick. Not quite as funny this time.

Both occasions granted us an extra fifteen seconds of that natty Angel thing that priests do, so we still came out on top. Not a complete loss but even so… I should be ashamed.

We also tried a heroic! Underbog was the daily and it has been said that it’s the easiest heroic, so we packed our bags and traipsed over there. Three things were noted:

  1. I could probably use a bit more dodge.
  2. Bupu could probably give her +healing a mini-boost
  3. Can we please have a mage that isn’t a total psycho with a whole-party deathwish? Seriously, wariness of mages have taken over hunters in my LFG grumbles. Damn mages. We got through it but, hoy, it was exausting. Why do I get the feeling that I’ve typed this before, verbatim?

New additions to the Tank Wardrobe since then include Thoriumweave Cloak (enchanted for extra dodginess) and, surprisingly pleasing, Alexandrite Ring of Eluding from some random trash in Arcatraz. +19 on both dodge and agility makes it a pretty neat find, and was some consolation for Elementium Band of the Sentry not dropping again.

Now coming up to just shy of 22,000 armour, 13,000 health and 33% dodge, maybe it’s time to try out that heroic again.