Hunterin’, love it. Been doing some Karazhan with Anj again recently and it’s still fun. In short, pretty much as far as raid DPS goes, I wouldn’t want to be anything but my hunter. The joy of trapping, the knowing wink to the healer as an escaped mob turns away and misdirects back to the tank, the tautness of the bow-string and that sound, that beautiful sound, as an arrow launches from it at breakneck speed. Feels like heaven. And the light details I’ve heard of what is coming up for hunters in Lich King is nothing short of pant-sweatingly exciting!

That said, I think it’s time Wintersong was officially promoted to the rank of “Other Main”. The tanking is lots of fun and means I get to be a bossy-boots which, it hardly needs saying, is all good. Winters, step up here and get your insignia and Certificate of Mainery. Even though you can never exist in the world at the same time as your sister, you should know that Anj is very proud.

*rapturous applause*.

And so, to reflect this, you might notice a slight change in the blog subtitle. It has a nice ring to it, I think.