What’s worse than wiping on Prince at 4% health?

Two words: Server down.

IT WAS GOING SO WELL! People were staying alive, well, okay, the person with the “Follow me!” star marker died but we managed to still navigate a safe path around the infernal fires sans guide and… and… /cry.

Log back in once the server is working again, try to return…

No instance servers available.

He had so better drop that bow.

(…Of course when we were finally allowed back on, it was pretty much as I suspected. All that trash we cleared between Shade and Prince had returned and we suffered a string of losses against the big guy when we reached him again. There was one “Super Bad Luck” Infernal incident but mainly I’m putting it down to the party being affected by the “Disheartened” debuff. Pfff. Next time, Prince. Next time).