From that confusing first drop (a memorable “Eh? What’s this?!” moment in Western Plaguelands) to the most recent, the Darkmoon cards have built up a reputation with me as being nice to sell… Eventually. Somehow more of a drag than a bonus. But having had one of the Lunacy Deck turn up in Mechanar the other day, after a little research decided, you know what? I’m going to go for this.

It seems to result in a pretty nice soloing and, let’s be honest, tanking trinket, even if only for the stamina. Since I’m moving on to gain aggro on the next target at about 10% health, it’s unlikely to proc while tanking unless a Lacerate tick gets in there last. Defence is fine on my current tanking outfit, but I still need that stamina and armour before I can go waltzing into heroics and even, dare I say it, raids. Cripes.

Anj has had the Skyguard Silver Cross for a while, which has a similar Chance on Kill operation, but on top of the +51 Stamina I have to say the surprise element for the resulting buffs is altogether too tempting for someone like me to ignore:

Delusional: +70 attack power
Dementia: Every 5 seconds either gives you +5% or -5% damage/healing.
Kleptomania: +35 agility
Manic: +35 haste (spell, melee and ranged)
Martyr Complex: +35 stamina
Meglomania: +41 damage/healing
Narcissism: +35 intellect
Paranoia: +35 spell/melee/ranged crit strike rating
Sociopath: +35 strength

So far with (mainly) cheap purchases from AH (a couple of … less cheap ones), I only have the Eight of Lunacy left to get my hands on. So here’s looking forward to 2009 when I finally complete the set, again trying to use reverse psychology to ensure it’s available on the AH for 20g when I next log on. Fingers crossed!

(picture from Somerslea and shared under a Creative Commons License)

Additionata, 6th September 2008: Eight of Lunacy turned up on the Auction House for 40g. It was snapped up in a heartbeat and now Winters is waiting for the Carnies to set up the Faire in Elwynn Forest. Yeep!