It was very easy to entirely disregard the efforts of my other team members in the DPS role, my main questions were something like “Is the tank keeping aggro?”, “Is the healer keeping me topped up while I’m not doing something berserk that might, just might, make everything go pear-shaped?” and that was it. Yes and yes*. Wicked.

* Added on behalf of the Padding The Ground For Obvious Falling After Ego Bloat Moments: Sometimes the answers are “Yes and yes, ooh, wait a minute, no! Eeeeep!” and various other combinations. Yes, I have moved while Flame Wreath was up.

But at the tanking station, bad group members have like a neon sign above their heads. With best friend Bupu at the back healing, we have both ends covered, and have started keeping a friendslist of “good PUG people”, really, really bad ones get put on the ignore list. Seriously. I have been known to get enormously stressed out while tanking, not in the usual run of things, the “when things go right” run of things, but the other times. The other times like when the mage takes it upon herself to decide it’s time to pull, at this point I have no rage. At all. And use a Pyroblast to do it. This actually happened! To make it worse, she then tried to make out like I was the “nab”.

Mage: Well why don’t you just get aggro after I pull?

Me: *blink* *blink* *blink*. Because you’re, like, using a six-second cast uber-fireball to tell them that we’re here! Hello? I ain’t a paladin, lady! Druid. Drooo-id.

We teamed up with one hunter for Auchenai Crypts who was a disaster in all ways, but turned up again in a group for Shadow Labs and he looked to be shaping up to a promising hunter, I walked him through his first Misdirection, the first one he let the buff run out before firing but he got better, as for the Crypts shenanigans, who knows, people have off days. I know I do.

I’m getting better, and calmer, at the tanking though. It’s going very well, thank you. Did Botanica tonight and only suffered one wipe. That’s pretty good going!

Weird thing that happened today. Out with Bupu doing the quest line to get an Arcatraz key and clearing up some of the demon pooches around that area, one dropped Valanos’ Longbow. Nothing strange about that, true enough, I won the roll and we carried on. The next mob? Dropped Valanos’ Longbow. I won the roll again but gave one to Bupsy so we could both enjoy the warm glow of the auction monies. I might actually see if that promising hunter wants it…

(picture by Kody and was the winner of Big Bear Butt‘s design a t-shirt contest a while back).